11 Bits of Advice to a New Mom Returning to Work

Advice to a new mom

Advice to a New Mom

Today we are sharing pieces of advice to a new mom. If you’re one of the many moms returning to work, we see you and are here to help!

Newborns are tiny but boy, do they have a lot of stuff! Most of time what works for one baby, doesn’t work for another🤷🏾‍♀️ We’re listing the items moms need, but it will be up to the baby to decide what product they prefer. Luckily, most stores have generous return policies. Not all items have a link; we only included links to our favorite products. Let’s get started!

1. Sleep

Our first bit of advice to a new mom has to do with sleep. Ah yes, sleep–something new moms don’t get enough of. Whether it’s for a short nap or a longer stretch of time, these items will help baby get there quicker. We prefer zip up swaddles because the velcro used to wake our babies. We purchased our black out curtains from Homegoods.

Co-sleeper bed that attaches to the side of your bed

Black out curtains

Zip Up Swaddles

Playpen with Bouncer / Bassinet

Pro Tip:

Another piece of advice to a new mom: have a non-sleep deprived loved one read a book and share the takeaways with you. One that’s a favorite of moms of multiples is: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins. Have one child? The author also wrote Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

2. Baby Tech

Our second piece of advice to a new mom is using technology. Technology can give moms peace of mind. We used a basic baby monitor while showering to help manage phantom cries and used a baby monitor with video for everything else.

Baby Monitor

White Noise Machine

3. Travel

Next up is advice to a new mom who travels. Whether you’re leaving your state, or just leaving your neighborhood, these items will help you along the way. I still haven’t found a baby car mirror I would recommend, but it helps seeing why my baby is crying.

Baby Car Mirror

Disposable Changing pads

4. Baby Carriers

I have a closet full of carriers. But I always reached for the same two and ignored the ones with a ton of fabric that seemed to require a certain skill to wrap. Advice to a new mom: if you need to get things done–a baby carrier will be your new best friend.

These gems allow you to do almost everything with baby

5. Feeding

Advice to a new mom: press the easy button. Here are some items that were invented to make feeding your baby easier. When nursing, I used the silicone pump on the unoccupied breast. I also used a breastfeeding pillow to help bring my baby closer to me, so I wasn’t constantly hunching over. Trust me, your back will thank you.

Silicone Pump

Breastfeeding / Bottle feeding Pillow

Baby Bottle Sterilizer / Dryer

Pro Tip:

If you bottle feed, buy tons of bottles. That way you’re not stuck washing bottles/parts while a hungry baby is crying.

6. Lounging

If you’ve ever needed to go to the bathroom, take something out of the oven, or cut an onion, you’ll quickly realize why you need a lounger in your life. Use these when baby is wide awake and just chillin’. When it comes to swings, many babies have preferences on whether the swing goes front to back or side to side. For that reason, it may be worth it to wait until they are born before purchasing.

Baby Lounger

Baby Swing

Baby Bouncer

7. Diapering

Some dirty diapers smell; others don’t. Either way, a diaper pail is a game changer. Advice to a new mom: a diaper pail is a multi-use product. When your baby becomes a toddler, you can encourage them to throw non-flushable wipes in the diaper pail. When your toddler outgrows it, keep it in the garage and throw your dog’s poo bags in it.

Diaper Pail

8. Memories

New moms know that newborns won’t be little forever, so freeze time however you can.

Newborn Photo Shoot

App for Parents of Newborns

9. Clothing

You’ll already have plenty of super cute outfits for baby. But make sure you stock up on essentials. The stains from spit up, leaky poo and other mysterious material don’t matter as much if they happen on a basic white onesie. My favorites were from Carter’s and The Gap.

Short/Long Sleeved Onesies

10. Health

You’re a mom but also a doctor. (I hope you got the memo.) Here are some things to have on hand just in case you ever need them. Some of these things (nasal aspirator bulb / Vitamin D drops) you can get for free from your pediatrician or hospital.

Nasal Aspirator Bulb

Saline Nasal Mist

Nose Frieda

Baby Scale

Baby Scissors

Gripe water

Gas drops

Vitamin D drops

11. Storage

Whether you’re a c-section mama, a mama whose back hurts, or a sleep deprived mama, this little cart will make your life easier. Load it with snacks for you, diapers, wipes, breast pump/parts and whatever else you need. You can convert it to an art cart when your baby becomes a toddler and to a homework cart when they start school!

3-Tier Metal Utility Cart

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13 thoughts on “11 Bits of Advice to a New Mom Returning to Work

  1. I still read things like this, though my eldest is 21. I am however a grandma, so it doesn’t hurt to keep up-to-date on changes and new ways of doing things x

  2. Great list of essential items! They’re all incredibly useful and I’m sure all moms will appreciate them. I especially love sleep, it’s important! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yessss to all! Oh my goodness especially sleep and storage. Now that I have my second I feel like I can’t find enough storage for anything!! Amazing post!

    1. Thanks for reading, Amanda! I have felt that way too about storage and then casually made my way down the aisles of The Container Store and thought….they think of everything for every.single.space

  4. This is a really great essentials list lovely! I’ll for sure be sharing this with friends and family who have little ones. Thank you so much for sharing with us Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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