5 Essential Gifts for Second Time Moms

Gifts for second time moms

Essential Gifts for Second Time Moms

Are gifts for second time moms really necessary? Yes! As a second time mom, you might think you have everything. But there are a few things you’ll need to help with managing multiple children.

As a solo parent with two kids aged 3 and under, I need to get things done in a timely fashion. Bath time, play time, snuggle time, feeding time and ‘me’ time all need to happen every day. But how?! I used to think it was impossible but it’s not! These 5 gifts for second time moms will help you be more efficient.🙌🏾

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

One of the essential gifts for second time moms is a bouncer. This Baby Bjorn bouncer is lightweight which means you can transport it from room to room without breaking a sweat. It’s comfortable for baby and is the only reason why I could shower without worry in the weeks and months after I had my baby. I would bring the bouncer with me in the bathroom and baby and I could see and hear each other. Every night while I’m bathing my toddler, I put my baby in the bouncer in the bathroom. The baby is safe; my toddler is clean and both kids can see what I am doing.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib / Playpen

Another essential gift for second time moms is a playpen. This playpen is also lightweight but surprisingly sturdy. Once my baby could sit up on his own, I started using the playpen for mealtime. Though the baby makes a huge mess when self-feeding, the mess is contained and easily wiped away with soap/water. The mesh sides allow him to feel included in what is going on around him, but prevents him from crawling away. While he is eating breakfast, I am able to prepare breakfast for my toddler, pack a lunch for my toddler and wash the dishes.

Nest Camera

I’m sure you’re not surprised to see a nanny cam listed as one of the essential gifts for second time moms. I have a nest camera in every room my children sleep or play in. Unlike many moms, I don’t have eyes in the back of my head so I invested in cameras.

If my toddler is napping but my baby is awake, I can confidently play with my baby in the backyard and be completely aware when my toddler moves or makes a sound. When I need to be in a different room from my children when putting a load of laundry in the washing machine, I just open the Nest app and watch my kids play for the few minutes I’m gone.

Baby K’Tan Baby Wrap / Lillebaby Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are essential gifts for second time moms because you can keep baby close and multi-task. When both of my children were born, I used the Baby K’Tan wrap. I was able to complete simple tasks (check the mail, take out the trash, wash dishes, walk the dogs, play with my toddler, etc.) while maintaining skin-to-skin contact. In the early days of motherhood, I would sit down in a chair with this carrier on and would accidentally fall asleep. Luckily, my baby was safe and sound in this carrier.

When the babies were about 12 lbs, I transitioned them to the Lillebaby carrier which has more structure. I was able to do all of the tasks listed above in addition to use this carrier for airplane travel. Versatility is key for any new mom and versatile baby carriers are things second time moms need to get stuff done.

Instant Pot

One of the most essential gifts for second time moms is the one where she can prepare a meal with in minutes. Making a meal was something I struggled with when I had my first baby. I was completely exhausted and had 101 things to do when baby was napping. However, I was prepared with my second baby. I bought an instant pot, googled recipes based on items I had and was able to ‘set it and forget it’. I freeze the leftovers which makes for a great meal the next time my energy levels are low. This is a game-changer and it is easy to see why it made the list of things second time moms need.

Final Thoughts on Essential Gifts for Second Time Moms

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19 thoughts on “5 Essential Gifts for Second Time Moms

  1. Great post and great products! If I ever decide to have another baby (I already have twins), I know where to look for essential products! Thanks for sharing!

  2. First of all, kudos to you for juggling two children on your own! I only have one and I am a complete hot mess. These are great tips. I am not planning on having a second child but I may change my mind in a few years. The baby wrap has been an absolute life saver for me! Thank you for sharing!

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