17 Best Toddler Art Supplies

17 Best Toddler Art Supplies

Easiest Way to Introduce Art: Stock up on toddler art supplies

Your toddler is the epitome of creativity. They will overturn a drum; pretend it’s a boat and use the drumsticks as oars. Or they’ll build a fort out of your couch cushions and jump off of it to safety since the floor is lava. Maybe your toddler stacks 3 chairs on top of each other to reach something in the sink.

Now’s your chance to channel that creativity into something artistic. Here are our top picks for toddler art supplies.

Don’t worry–if paint flies onto a wall, use this to make it seem like it never happened.

1. Watercolor Paints

2. Easy-to-Grip Paintbrushes

3. Poster Paper Roll

This works great when multiple toddlers want to color together. Simply tape paper to the ground, window, or table

4. Chunky Crayons

5. Twistable Crayons

6. Play-doh

7. Sensory Bin

Save money; use any plastic container you have around the house

Sensory Bin Accessories (2 Options)

8. Option 1

9. Option 2

10. Finger Paint + Art Smock

11. Finger Paint Paper

12. Paint Sticks

13. Dot Markers

Water Art (3 Options)

14. Option 1

15. Option 2

16. Option 3


17. Sidewalk Chalk Holders

Need more art in your life?

Check out our Instagram Reels where we do Art Activities using the toddler art supplies featured above!

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14 thoughts on “17 Best Toddler Art Supplies

  1. These are great suggestions! Especially the sensory items. Can’t wait until my little one is of age to start expressing her creativity! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Angie! Not sure how old your little one is, but I used water mats when my toddlers were infants as sensory play (esp during tummy time). I also placed their feet in a bit of sand or on the grass, so they could experience different textures.

  2. This has given me so many ideas, Thankyou. Often I’m stuck on how to keep my daughter entertained when I’m working but I know she loves art, so this post has helped me a lot!

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