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Hi, Friends! I’m Crystal, a single mom by choice of two✨amazing babies✨. I write about solo parenting, and provide tips for business-traveler parents and new parents. Cozy up and stay awhile…

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Welcome to Something ✨Wonderful✨
Amazing Baby Blog

I created the Amazing Baby blog to share what I’ve learned about parenting with soon-to-be, new and experienced parents. Having benefitted from the generosity of other mothers, I knew ✨now✨ was the right time to pay it forward. Though I am not a perfect parent, I love my children dearly and strive to be the type of parent they deserve. Therefore, the experiences I’ve highlighted in this blog are both a labor of love and a tribute to my children.

Amazing Baby App

As a solo parent, I often wondered who would tell my children their story, if I wasn’t around to tell them myself. I decided to stop worrying and start doing. Hundreds of hours of hard work later, the Amazing Baby app was born. The app lets you build a legacy filled with your most favorite everyday moments of your children. Trust me, this is the type of legacy they will always remember. Keep the login details with your estate plan and your amazing baby grown child will have access to everything you and your chosen loved ones captured about them from their childhood. Even in a world full of distractions, your child will never second guess your love for them because it will be reaffirmed with every scroll through their timeline. Thank you for being an ✨amazing✨ parent.😘

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