4 Ways to Get Your Infant on a Regular Sleep Schedule

If you are new to child-rearing, or if you haven’t had a baby in a really long time, you probably already know how easy it is for an infant to nap throughout the day.💤 So, why then, do babies sometimes deviate wildly from this normal pattern? Things like waking frequently during the night and refusing to nap can leave parents frustrated and exhausted.

How does one re-adjust a baby’s sleep schedule after a four month sleep regression? First, pay a visit to your child’s physician to rule out any medical issues (such as type one diabetes which can cause a child to wake during the night and be fully recharged for the day). Start with consistency with your ideal sleep schedule. This will encourage the body to sleep at the same time each day. If you aren’t sure what to look for, see the following tips below for more clarification. 

Check for Symptoms

The Sleep Foundation recommends concerned parents check for the following symptoms:

  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Waking frequently during the night
  • Fussy or crying upon waking
  • A reduction in total sleep time

If your child shows symptoms talk to your doctor. 

Implement a Schedule

An infant’s sleep schedule should be the same each day. Adjust the scheduled times to whatever you need them to be, but once they’ve been set, stick with it! If you deviate, your infant’s body clock won’t be able to adapt. Then you’re right back at square one and no parent wants that!

Keep the Room Dimly Lit

A room that’s dim but not dark is really the best choice. The dim lighting encourages restful sleep. Bright lights actually stimulate the eyes and wake the body up. On the flipside though, babies can develop a fear of the dark so leaving the lights dim can prevent a lot of fear the young imagination sometimes creates. 

Wear Your Baby Out!

The best way to get a baby to sleep and to sleep well is to simply exercise! Or, in an infant’s case, sensory exploration can be exhaustive as well! Find activities to do with your baby. Take your child out for a stroll. Nature is a fascinating thing to a baby. Taste a dandelion. Touch a leaf🍁. Listen to a nearby river at the park. Read a book (or two). Or, if you can carry a tune, why not sing to your baby? Can’t sing? Let your child play some music! Some floor play sets come with with keyboards your baby can kick during tummy time! If the weather is decent, you can blow bubbles for your child as well. Babies are fascinated by the texture and shine. After a busy day, your child is sure to sleep longer than usual!

Even though it can be a frustrating setback, your baby is learning not to just how to rest, but when. They’ll get there. Babies all develop differently and that means they will reach their milestones at different times. This is perfectly normal and natural. Until then, just remember, there’s always coffee☕️. 

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