5 Fun Newborn Baby Games for Girls and Boys

Baby games for girls

Baby Games for Girls and Boys

Newborns are so small and delicate. If you’re a first time parent, you might be afraid that they’ll break. Luckily, there are newborn baby games for girls and boys that support safe play. These developmental games will help close the gap on what you could be doing with your newborn when they aren’t sleeping, getting their diaper changed or eating.

Babies develop at different rates but there are things you can do to help them reach their developmental milestones. You might already be thinking about doing some of these activities but there may be an additional step you haven’t tried yet.

Now’s the perfect time for you and your baby to engage in the 1 month old baby games for girls and boys. Be sure to enjoy your time together and remember, you are your baby’s best (and favorite) teacher💕

1. Move it, move it

The first of the five baby games for girls and boys is the ’move it, move it’ game. You’re probably already accustomed to having your newborn on their back for sleeping, diaper changes and impromptu snuggles.

To unlock the next level of developmental play, focus on movement. The next time you’re playing with your baby on their tummy or back, gently move your baby’s arms and legs.

2. Tummy Time

The next up in baby games for girls and boys is one that can be done during tummy time.

While your newborn is on their tummy, place a baby mirror in front of them. Can your baby lift their head from the surface and move it from side to side?

If your baby isn’t a fan of tummy time, you can still play this game. Lay your baby belly down, on your chest. See if they can lift their their head from your chest and move it from side to side.

3. Carry your baby

One of your favorite things to do might to carry your baby. But did you know that you could be incorporating developmental baby games for girls and boys into something you already love doing?

Here’s how: the next time you carry your baby see if they are able to lift their head from your shoulder for 1-3 seconds.

4. Play the ‘Freeze’ Game

If you have a toddler or preschooler, you might already be familiar with the ’dance party freeze’ song. With a slight modification, it can work for your newborn, too!

When the song calls out ’freeze’, see if your baby can maintain laying on their side, both right and left.

5. Have a Staring Contest

Your baby is so cute, you could probably stare at him/her all day. Take it a step further the next time you find yourself in a staring contest with your baby.

First, get up close to your baby. Then, move your face left/right and then up/down. Are they still watching you?

Final Thoughts on Fun Newborn Baby Games for Girls and Boys

Just because your baby is a newborn, doesn’t mean they are too young for games! We’ve covered 5 games that are fun but will also will help with their development.

It gets even better…you don’t have to pay to play. None of these games require you purchase any additional accessories, which means you can start👏🏾 right👏🏾 NOW!👏🏾

Ideas for this content were provided by the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

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11 thoughts on “5 Fun Newborn Baby Games for Girls and Boys

  1. Newborns are so much fun to play with! I don’t have kids but have always loved playing with my nieces and nephews. These are really great ideas!

  2. These are some wonderful things to do with newborns! I have 3 kids and they really enjoyed being carried and the staring game 🙂

  3. Awww this takes me back to when my little girl was a bubba! It’s such a lovely stage 🙂 I love playing with newborns, especially once they’ve learnt to smile. Great tips 🙂

  4. These are great tips! When my little one was first born, I was afraid to move her around so much because she just felt so fragile. Luckily, that phase didn’t last long! Thank you for sharing.

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