5 Musical Activities For 3 Month Old Baby and Younger

Activities for 3 month old baby

Musical Activities for Your Baby: What can we do at this age?

Ready to learn about musical activities for your baby? Surprisingly, there are quite a few things to do with them at this age! Some of the many ✨amazing✨ things your baby is doing at this age could include: reaching for toys; grasping with their entire hand; clasping hands above their face; shifting their eyes from one item to another; reacting to adult voices; laughing; imitating sounds.

Here are 5 things you can do to help your baby strengthen their development!

1. Sing to your baby

They love to hear your voice!

2. Repeat your baby’s vocalizations

They start cooing and gurgling at this age!

3. Mirror their expressions

Everything they do, you do!

4. Move your baby’s arms carefully as you sing songs

The Wheels on the Bus & Do Your Ears Hang Low? are great songs to start with!

5. Have your baby touch objects as you name them

This encourages baby’s grasping and identifying skills.

This content was provided by the Music Therapy Department of Florida Hospital

More Musical Activities For Your Baby and Toddler

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