12 Free Activities for a 9 Month Old Baby

Activities for a 9 month old baby

Activities for a 9 Month Old Baby

It’s hard finding ways to entertain your 9 month old that work. Let alone finding free activities for a 9 month old baby. But folks, we’ve done it!

Babies develop at different rates and many parents (including me!) have no idea what they should be doing with their babies to help them reach their developmental milestones.

Here are some ideas💡on what you could be working on with your 9 month old at home, in a fun and engaging environment. Remember, you are your baby’s best (and favorite) teacher💕

1. Encourage play

While sitting, encourage your baby to reach for and play with toys with both hands while sitting.

2. Observe and be amazed

Can your baby move from their tummy to a sitting position without help? What about from sitting to a crawling position without help? It’s just a matter of time before they can do both!

3. Big kid crawl

Is your baby crawling on their hands and knees with their tummy off the floor?

4. Put toys slightly out of reach

With baby standing with their hands on a supportive surface, let them try to reach for toys. This will help them prepare for side stepping and is a great way to aid in their development.

5. Play games

Start with the classics: peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake. These games will definitely entertain your 9 month old.

6. If you see something, say something

Tell your baby what you’re doing. They will begin to recognize words for common items like cup, shoe, book, etc.

7. Use gestures to communicate

Wave hi/bye to your baby. Outstretch your arms to signal that you’re going to pick up your baby.

8. Practice different speech sounds

Very soon, your baby will begin to imitate these sounds.

9. Smooth operator

You baby might be able to smoothly passes items between their hands.

10. Clap your hands

Does your baby clap too?

11. Noisemakers

Encourage your baby to bang items together.

12. Let them explore

Babies do this best by mouthing toys.

This content was provided by the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Need more ideas to entertain your 9 month old?

Here are books to read to your 9 month old and musical activities for your 9 month old.

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  1. These are some great tips – allowing your 9-month old to be noisy is great if you can stand the noise! 😂 Also I did a lot of talking to my first baby, and after that the other kids did most of the talking.

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