51 Lazy Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

If you got a great night’s sleep last night but woke up and realized you forgot to move the Elf🤦🏾‍♀️, you might be in full-on panic mode right now. First, realize this happens to the best of us. Next, you’re probably the only one up right so you’ve got time to move him. If you’re not, we’ve organized our list by location in your home. Keep reading for ideas to get your Elf in a new position–quickly.


Elf makes a snow angel out of flour or salt.

Elf leaves a Christmas message made out of candy.

Elf is eating a snack (cheese/veggie/fruit) in the fridge.

Elf washes the dishes.

Elf gets into a cereal box.

Elf leaves a recipe for Santa cookies.

Elf feeds the pets.

Elf makes a snowman out of powdered donuts (‘buttons’/’eyes’ are Hershey’s kisses; ‘nose’ is a gumdrop; ‘mouth’ is a Twizzler piece).

Elf makes a grocery list for Christmas dinner.

Elf is in a coffee mug with spilled hot cocoa powder and marshmallows on the counter.

Elf builds a (small!) marshmallow igloo.

Elf is next to a rolling pin which is in front of flour on the counter with a cookie cutter on top.

Elf draws silly faces on bananas.

Elf is fishing in a bowl filled with Goldfish crackers.


Elf is in the carseat/booster seat with his seatbelt on.

Elf is weightlifting! (‘barbell’ is a piece of straw with marshmallows on either end).

Family Room

Elf takes a piece of candy from the Advent Calendar.

Elf is sleeping on the mantel between stockings.

Elf watches ‘Elf’ on TV.

Elf wraps presents using scissors, tape, bow, and a bit of wrapping paper.

Elf gets wrapped up with tape trying to wrap a present.

Elf is hiding in the Christmas tree with a note.

Elf is playing cards (Memory game) with other toys.


Elf is in the playroom coloring.

Elf is riding in a toy car.

Elf is having a party with friends (stuffed animals; dolls).

Elf dresses up as a favorite character.

Elf goes rock climbing (substitute gift bows on the wall for rocks).

Elf goes mini-golfing using a candy cane ‘club’ and a marshmallow ‘golf ball’.

Elf is in a Magnatiles castle.

Elf is having tea with his toy friends.


Elf takes a nap in the tissue box.

Elf unravels the toilet paper.

Elf writes a message on the mirror in lipstick.

Elf is washing his hands (with soap!).

Elf brushes teeth.

Elf has a snowball fight with cotton balls.

Elf is taking a bubble bath in a bowl with marshmallows.

Elf is hanging from the shower faucet and rubber snakes are underneath him.


Elf goes for a spin on the ceiling fan (hanging onto the fan pulley).

Elf reads a book.

Elf is hanging from a lamp shade.


Elf is zip-lining on a candy cane.

Elf makes a trail of shoes to the Christmas tree.

Elf is fishing in an aquarium.

Elf rolls down the stairs in a toilet paper tube (unraveling toilet paper behind him).

Front Yard

Elf delivers a note from the North Pole in the mailbox.

Elf has decorated a mini Christmas tree.

Elf is hiding in a plant.

Elf has a watering can and is watering ‘seeds’ (tic tacs)

Laundry Room

Elf makes snow angels out of powder laundry detergent.

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