3 Musical 10 Month Old Activities They’ll Love

10 month old activities

Musical Activities for Infants: Let’s move!

Ready to dive into the world of musical activities for infants? Let’s go! There are many ✨amazing✨ things your infant is doing at this age: stacking items and placing them inside one another; crawling and pulling themselves up into a standing position; communicating ‘yes’/’no’ by nodding their head; dancing and attempting to sing with music; understanding the use of everyday objects such as hugging their doll, pretending to drink from a cup, putting on a necklace, etc.

Some infants could use a little encouragement. So, here are 3 musical activities for infants that will promote their development!

1. Encourage your baby to dance with music by bouncing

Hey Bear Sensory offers some catchy tunes that will get you and your infant bouncing.🎵

2. Provide opportunities for your infant to choose ‘yes’/’no’ to teach cause and effect

Before you push the button on a musical toy, ask your baby if he or she wants you to push it. If they give you an indication that they do (making a sound, a gesture like nodding their head, winking twice, etc.), say “YES”, press the button and then dance to the tune. Self-confidence will grow as your baby realizes he or she can make things happen.

3. Play musical games with greater complexity

Start off with The Hokey Pokey; One Little Finger; Head and Shoulders; The Bunny Hop (by Mother Goose Club). Then, get creative – add new movements and name additional body parts!

This content was provided by the Music Therapy Department of Florida Hospital

More Musical Activities for Infants and Toddlers

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