10 Must-Have Books for 18-24 Month Olds

Books for 18-24 month olds: What to look for

We’ve poured through tons of children’s books and are happy to present the best books for 18-24 month olds. If you’re concerned that your toddler won’t sit still because they are always on the go, look for ways to leverage your toddler’s high energy by asking them to hop like the rabbit in the book. See if your toddler can label objects with simple sounds or words, for example, exclaiming “Moo!” when he sees a picture of a cow.

Our friends at Zero to Three shared a toddler tip: remember that humor and silly rhymes are popular with this age group. With that info in our back pocket, let’s get to reading!

1. If You Ever Meet a Groovicorn

If your toddler loves unicorns and sensory books, this one is sure to please! It has different textures on each page for your little to touch. It is also a rhyming book which is fun especially when your little one can guess the next word! It’s easy to see why this one topped the list of books for 18-24 month olds.

2. Fire Engine No. 9

Does your toddler love fire trucks and firefighters? If the answer is yes, they will enjoy this book! Use your voice to bring those action words to life! Then, tour your location fire station to complete the learning experience. It’s a top pick for our roundup of books for 18-24 month olds.

3. Dear Zoo

This is a lift-the-flap book which allows the reader to be introduced to zoo animals. Each flap lifts from different directions to reveal the animal hidden underneath. It’s easy to see why this made the list for best books for 18-24 month olds. Pair it with a trip to the zoo, and off you go!

4. Roaring Rockets

Is your toddler obsessed with space, rocket ships and astronauts? Fuel their interests with this rhyming book!

5. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

This lift-the-flap book features parts of the body your toddler might be familiar with. Ask your toddler to point to where their eyes, feet, hands, and mouth are. This interaction helps build your toddler’s thinking and language skills. The belly button is the most fun to identify because many toddlers are ticklish on their belly. If your toddler can’t get enough of this (but you need variety), check out the author’s similar books for 18-24 month olds.

6. I Love My Llamacorn (by Danielle McLean)

This very sturdy, brightly colored book is filled with textures, hearts, rainbows and positive thoughts. What more could you want from a story book? Have a little one who adores unicorns and llamas? We bet this story will be the one they beg you to read over and over again.

7. B is for Breakdancing Bear

This is not your typical ABC book. It made our top 10 list of books for 18-24 month olds because of its creative take on learning the alphabet. It features a DJ-ing dog, hula-hooping hippopotamus, skateboarding snail and a water-skiing walrus. It’s a nice way to start a conversation with your toddler about different activities.

8. Dim Sum for Everyone (by Grace Lin)

This is one of favorite books for 18-24 month olds because it introduces your toddler to a slice of Chinese culture. How? By showing them what they would expect to see in a dim sum restaurant. The illustrations are beautiful and you never know- it may encourage them to try a new a food!

9. Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See (Slide and Find)

The slide and find version of the book allows your toddler to be an active participant. If they are willing, they can slide the bottom of each page and make an animal magically appear! Your toddler will this unique feature, making it one of our favorite books for 18-24 month olds. This book is larger than the classic version, which makes the colorful illustrations pop off the page.

10. Bright/Early Board Books (The Ear Book by Al Perkins)

Whether it’s a book by Dr. Seuss (The Eye Book, The Foot Book), P.D. Eastman (Go, Dog Go!) or Al Perkins (The Ear Book, The Nose Book), it’s perfectly shaped to fit in the palm of your toddler’s hand. These sturdy board books will stand the test of time and are the rhyming will hold your toddler’s attention. This is why these are some of the best books for 18-24 month olds.

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