4 Must-Read Black History Month Picture Books for Babies

Baby Books for Black History Month: Will my baby pay attention?

February is here and it is the perfect time to introduce your little one to baby books for Black History Month. The books we’ve selected highlight important Black figures in history. Baby will appreciate that the books below are sturdy, with minimal text per page, and feature colorful illustrations which will catch their eyes! Keep these books in rotation and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Black Americans to our country, all year long.

1. Dream Big, Little One

This little board book features 18 trailblazing Black women in American history and can be read in less than 3 minutes! It’s one of our favorite baby books for Black History Month. Can your baby recognize the airplane sound? If so, make that sound when you read the page that says, ‘Bessie Coleman flew her airplane high.’ Another page says, ‘Ella Fitzgerald was the First Lady of Jazz.’ Next time you change a diaper, ask Alexa to play a song by Ella Fitzgerald.

2. What a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong’s version of this song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999. This picture book is based on the song and has beautiful illustrations that accompany each verse of the song. This is a great book to ‘sing‘ to your baby and is one of the more creative baby books for Black History Month.

3. Baby Young, Gifted & Black

This colorful (and super sturdy) board book is the baby version of the original Young, Gifted and Black book for elementary school children. It features 17 icons of color including Stevie Wonder, Simone Biles, Serena/Venus Williams, and Misty Copeland. The very last page has a mirror so baby can take a peek at themselves!

4. Follow Your Dreams, Little One

This board book by the same author as Dream Big, Little One, features 18 legendary Black men in history. Introduce your baby to Alvin Ailey, Frederick Douglass, Arthur Ashe, and Leland Melvin!

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