Developmental Checklist For Your Baby (3 months old)

Developmental Checklist For Your Baby (3 months old)

Many parents know that babies develop at different rates. Truthfully, I oftentimes felt unsure as to what I should be doing with my babies to help them reach their developmental milestones. Checklists gave me ideas💡on what I could be working on with my baby at home, in a fun and engaging environment. Here are some suggestions for what you can try out with your 3 month old baby. Remember, you are your baby’s best (and favorite) teacher💕

Ready, set, sit

With your support, try to see if your baby can sit for 15-30 seconds.

Tummy time

Place baby on their tummy on a play mat. With a tall toy in front of them, see if they will push through their forearms and raise their head.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

With baby on their side, place their favorite toy above their head, and slowly move it so they have to roll on their back in order to see it.

Follow my finger

Place your index finger upright, in front of baby’s face. Move your finger up/down and then left/right. Does your baby follow your finger with their eyes?

Sing ‘Open, Shut Them’

While singing, make sure you help your baby open and close their hands.

Don’t let go

Place an item in your baby’s hand. Can they hold onto it?

Shake, shake, shake

Practice shaking the maracas with your baby.

Reach for the stars

Hold their favorite toy above their head, slightly out of reach. Do they try to touch it?

This content was provided by the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

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