5 Tips to Make Mom Friends (you actually like!)

Desperately Seeking Mom Friends

Need to make mom friends?🙋🏾 Before becoming moms, many of us had our core group of friends.👯 They may have included a blend of those we grew up with, met in college or worked with. You probably never thought you needed more friends, until the day your life completely changed and you became a mom. While children are truly a blessing, being a mom is hard work. Lucie’s List has some great resources on how to connect with other moms virtually. Having a friend or two locally who can relate, can take the edge off the hardest of days, but how do you find other moms? 🔎 And is it possible to find other moms you actually like? Here are 5 tips to help you make mom friends you would call a friend, even if you weren’t a mom.

Make Mom Friends: Put your dating hat back on

This is a high volume approach, designed to yield the maximum amount of local, mom friends. If your child is in daycare, ask for the class roster with phone numbers and make your way down the list introducing yourself via text. Unless you have the same drop off/pick up times as other parents, it can be hard to meet other moms. The easiest way to meet class parents is to host an event; throw a Fall party in your backyard or arrange for a group tour at your local Fire Station. Get to talking in person and continue the relationship via text. You’ll quickly see who you click with and very soon, you’ll have one more mom friend in the books!

Make Mom Friends: Leverage your resources

Before my baby was in daycare, I had zero local mom friends. What I did have was the determination to expose my baby to every single mommy and me class my town had to offer. Whether it is a music class, storytime at the library, breastfeeding class at the hospital, or swimming class at the YMCA, you are surrounded by moms who live locally! Exchange numbers and get to texting!

Make Mom Friends: Join a mom group

There are national organizations with local chapters out there just for moms! MOPS (mothers of preschoolers), Mocha Moms, La Leche League, Mothers and More, Jack and Jill, Mothers of Multiples, Single Mothers by Choice, Holistic Moms, and the Moms Group. You can also do a quick search on Meetup using keywords such as ‘mommy’, ‘parent’, or ‘family’ and you might find there is a local mom group right under your nose! Lastly, check out FB Mommy groups and the Peanut app which is designed to connect mommies. When I downloaded the app and started swiping, I was matched with 3 of my IRL (in real life) mommy friends! However, I’ve found more success posting a new thread in a mommy group chat asking if any moms live in my town, than waiting for the algorithm to match me with someone locally. 

Make Mom Friends: Walk around your neighborhood

The only thing better than having a mom friend who lives in your town, is having a mom friend that lives in your neighborhood. You don’t have to worry about an awkward pickup line because you’re neighbors. In addition to exchanging numbers, find out how old her kids are and if she knows other moms in the neighborhood. As your kids get older, they’ll probably end up on the school bus together, so take the proactive approach and start by getting to know each other now. Plus, by swapping out the car/bus/subway/train for a stroller, you are reducing a significant amount of stress in your already stressful day. Just remember this cardinal rule: always bring an umbrella.

Make Mom Friends: Talk to your babysitters

If you trust a babysitter enough to watch the most important people in your life, your babysitter might have an inkling as to who might make a good mom friend for you. An innocent question like, do you babysit for any ‘no drama mamas’ could be the lead you’re looking for. You could give your babysitter permission to pass your number to that mom the next time he/she babysits for her. This works especially well if your babysitter is a teacher or teacher’s assistant at your child’s school. Then the two things you and your new mom friend have in common are the babysitter and the school. ✅✅

Once you find your mom crew, check out these tips to host an epic mom’s night out.

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