5 Amazing Benefits of Swim Classes for Babies

Swim classes for babies

Are you considering signing up your baby for swimming lessons?🏊🏽‍♀️How exciting! There are so many benefits realized from swim classes for babies, especially when it comes to early childhood development!

It’s also a wonderful way for you to bond with your baby.

You’ll also end up with some priceless memories you’ll want to add to your baby’s timeline!

If you still are not sure if it’s the right time for you and your baby to start swim lessons, check out our list of five health benefits of swim classes for babies.

1. Build Strong Muscles

Swim lessons🏊🏽‍♀️ for your baby will strengthen muscles in the whole body, encouraging earlier development milestones such as sitting sooner and crawling before other babies.

The younger you start your baby, the better.

At first, it’s just about getting your baby acquainted with water. Help your baby kick their legs and explore the feel of the water across their skin.

Over time, you might gradually scoop a handful of water over their heads, much like you do in the bathtub. If they really like the water, they might start splashing with their arms.

You can always involve a bath toy like a yellow duck. Next time you’re at the pool, bring the duck with you. Throw it slightly out of reach and propel your baby towards the duck, encouraging them to reach out and grab it.

The key to success with swim classes for babies is repetition. Practice what is taught in class, at home in the bathtub, especially if you don’t have access to a pool.

At the end of the day, you’re showing your baby that swimming can be fun!

2. Boost Coordination

Now let’s move on to another health benefit from swim classes for babies: coordination.

Swimming doesn’t just build stronger muscles, it strengthens baby’s coordination too! That means you can expect your child to be sitting, standing, crawling, and walking better (and sooner) than their peers. 

This would be an excellent time to baby-proof the home if you haven’t already done it. Babies learning to walk collapse pretty frequently until their leg muscles get stronger. Additionally, because their bodies are top-heavy, they have a tendency to frequently bump their heads into things as well. 

While swimming won’t prevent your baby from toppling over, it will most certainly help with their coordination.

3. Get a Jump Start on Language

We’ve discussed the physical benefits of swim classes for babies. Now let’s talk about the cognitive benefits.

If your baby is learning to speak one language, you will find he or she will begin to speak more eloquently than their peers. This is because swim lessons involve listening to the instructor as well as socializing around other children and their parents.

Their working vocabulary will become larger than other children their age. This, in turn, will help your child advance academically.

4. Nail Water Safety Early

One of the more obvious yet extremely important benefits of swim classes for babies is water safety.

If you enjoy spending time in or on water, then water safety is an absolute must! Your child will not only be able to save themselves in a pinch, but perhaps the life of another, one day!

Swim classes for babies will teach basic floating techniques. If your baby ever falls into the pool, you want your baby to float on their back, make their way safely to the side of the pool, and climb out. Swim classes for babies will help your baby learn how to do all of those things.

So if a boat🚣🏽 (or a floatie) ever overturns, you know your baby will have the knowledge necessary to survive. This is extremely important because according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), drowning is a leading cause of death for children. Even if a baby survives a drowning incident they could be subjected to serious injury or permanent disability.

If you’re wondering when your baby will learn how to swim like you, you’ll need to wait a few years. Increased complexity such as different types of strokes will be introduced in the preschool class and beyond. But if you’re determined for your baby to be the next Michael Phelps, look into private 1:1 classes.

5. Unlock Future Career Opportunities

Whether your baby is four months or 12 months old, baby swim lessons will allow your child to excel in (and under) the water. It’s an easy way to boost their self-confidence. This gives them an edge if they ever want to go into a career involving swimming such as a lifeguard or a dolphin trainer. Who knows….maybe your baby will eventually swim on the varsity swim team in high school. The possibilities are endless.

Just be sure to bring your child’s swimwear, a pair of goggles, a waterproof wet bag and, whatever you do, don’t forget the waterproof diapers. 

Final Thoughts on Benefits of Swim Classes for Babies

We discussed five benefits of swim classes for babies. They ranged from the physical benefits (building stronger muscles and increased coordination) to the cognitive benefits (strengthening language skills).

We also discussed the water safety skills your baby would acquire as well as fostering a love of swimming which could continue throughout their childhood and beyond.

Have fun!💦

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  1. Ooh I love this! I’m not a parent yet (and won’t be any time soon) but I’ve always planned on teaching my children to swim as early as possible, mostly for water safety and for creating great memories. I hadn’t considered the other benefits but they’re amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

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