5 Amazing Benefits of Swim Classes for Babies

Are you considering signing up your baby for swimming lessons?🏊🏽‍♀️How exciting! There are so many benefits realized from swim classes for babies, especially when it comes to early childhood development! It’s also a wonderful way for you to bond with your baby. You’ll also end up with some priceless memories you’ll want to add toContinue reading “5 Amazing Benefits of Swim Classes for Babies”

Letting Your Kids in the Zoo? 5 Essential Things To Know

Letting Your Kids In the Zoo With June being National Zoo Month, it’s only fitting we gave you our very best tips prior to you planning your trip. Before you let your kids in the zoo you’ll want to have a strategy. With the wide open spaces a zoo affords and determined toddlers who willContinue reading “Letting Your Kids in the Zoo? 5 Essential Things To Know”

20 Toys for Strong Kids

Toys for Strong Kids Seeking toys for active toddlers? Have a toddler who loves to love to jump on, smash and throw their toys? While there seems to be many options available, some of newer versions of toys we grew up with seem to be made of cheaper materials and don’t last as long. WhatContinue reading “20 Toys for Strong Kids”

5 Ways to Enjoy Museums for Babies and Toddlers

A Trip to the Children’s Museum! Let’s celebrate YOU! –the✨AMAZING✨parent who has decided to take your baby and toddler on a trip to the children’s museum! According to Psychology Today, kids don’t get enough opportunities for hands-on, unsupervised free play, so a children’s museum is a necessity. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix cites 5 benefitsContinue reading “5 Ways to Enjoy Museums for Babies and Toddlers”

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