12 Month Old Activities to Help Them Develop

Developmental Checklist For Your Toddler 1 year old

Many parents know that toddlers develop at different rates. Truthfully, I oftentimes felt unsure as to what I should be doing with my toddlers to help them reach their developmental milestones. Checklists gave me ideasđź’ˇon what I could be working on with my toddlers at home, in a fun and engaging environment. Here are some suggestions for what you can try out with your 1 year old toddler. Remember, you are your toddler’s best (and favorite) teacherđź’•

We’ve got a walker!

With your toddler, practice walking from one surface to another while standing (without falling). Now see if they will take more than 5 controlled steps on their own.

Step by step

See if they will begin to crawl up stairs (with supervision).

Let your voice be heard

Do they listen when you read stories and sing songs?

High Five

Does your toddler respond to simple requests?

Favorite words

Do they says words like ‘mama’, ‘dada’, or ‘uh-oh’?

Copy cat

Does your toddler try to say words you say?

Curl up with a good book

Let them turn the pages of a book with thick pages

Pointer finger

When they point with their index finger, are the other fingers curled into their palm?

Where is your belly?

Can they identify one body part on themselves?

2 story building

Can your toddler stack 2 blocks?

This content was provided by the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

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