5 Fun Things to Do With Baby During the Day

Things to do with baby

Fun Things to Do With Baby During the Day

Congratulations! Your baby is born and now you’re eager to find things to do with baby. Let’s face it: newborn babies are a bundle of utter joy.👶🏾 The “new baby smell”, their cute little fingers and toes, and their adorable little faces are absolutely perfect in every way. Nothing could be more precious…or more demanding.

As a new mother, the reality of having a newborn means being on call 24/7 for at least the first four months before even thinking of getting four hours of straight sleep. It feels like the longest day ever.

Many mothers find themselves wondering how they can keep their little ones entertained during the first several months. Below is a list of things you can do with baby (on very little sleep) that will be fun for you both.

1. Become a Photography Expert

When it comes to things to do with baby, this is one of the easiest hobbies to explore. Plus, you can practice your new skills on your bundle of joy any time! Basic digital camera operations (or familiarity with your camera phone’s settings) are a must before propping up your new model.

You can position your baby anywhere that’s safe. Whether it’s grandma’s lap or on the floor playing with toys, your baby is naturally photogenic. The best part? It’s fun and only takes a few moments to capture a cute little baby moment that will last a lifetime.📸 

2. Read a Book

When it comes to things to do with baby, reading might not come to mind, especially if your baby is really young. But start with simple books. Consider ‘reading’ picture books. You can invent the story as you turn each page! Your baby will love listening to the comforting sound of your voice as you hold him/her close to your heart.

Newborns may not have a lot of interest in reaching out to touch the pages, but they can see the colors and shapes which make it fun for baby to learn as they listen. It also helps expose baby to new vocabulary words that they will need to use in conversation later on.

3. Take a Nature Walk

Nature walks are a wonderful way to bond with baby. The sights, sounds, and smells are all new and different. It’s a wonderful sensory experience. It’s also simple, which is great for the sleep-deprived parent pushing the stroller!

Reflecting back on those newborn days, taking nature walks with the stroller was one of my favorite things to do with baby because it made my baby very relaxed.

Most strollers also offer cup holders, which is a great place to put a traveler mug of your favorite beverage. The bar on the stroller will help you stay upright as you head out into your local park or nearby playground.🍃

4. Arrange a Playdate

Getting to know other new mothers is almost essential. Why? Because the tips and tricks learned (like different things to do with baby) can save you time and money. Plus, you learn new ways to care for your new little one.

Maybe you’re lucky because a friend of yours just welcomed a baby into their family so you’ve got a built-in playdate buddy. But if you’re new to the area and don’t know anyone yet, you might know know where to find other moms with babies. Don’t despair; there are lots of local groups you can reach out to and arrange community playdates. You could even network through friends or other relatives!

Playdates are wonderful for both mother and baby. It allows socialization and fun for the both of you. Not only do you have more things to do with baby, you have another person to do those things with!

It even can offer support because, let’s face it, raising a kid can be stressful and sometimes you just need to be around people you can relate to in life.

5. Buy a Play Piano Gym 

Play piano gyms are a great opportunity for both you and baby to bond. Create lasting memories as baby kicks, coos, and builds stronger neck muscles. These gyms don’t cost a whole lot and the tummy time is healthy for your child.

When it comes to things to do with baby, there are so many options. No matter which one you choose, take a moment to snap cute pictures or giggle at baby’s adorable facial expressions as he or she explores new sensory experiences.

Final Thoughts on Things To Do With Baby During the Day

Your newborn has arrived and now you are looking for fun things to do with baby. If you want to stay indoors, you could set up a play piano gym. You could also read your baby a book.

When you’re ready to venture outdoors, consider taking a nature walk with your new mom friend. This counts as a play date, plus think of all the cute photos you could take in nature! Since another adult is there who can take pictures, you can be finally be included in the photos with baby (it’s nice to have a full body shot amidst all the selfies!)

No matter what activity you select, your baby will be thrilled because it’s something you love. So, naturally, your baby will love it too, because your baby loves you. Click here for more ideas.

Have an older child, too? Here are some fun things to do with a toddler.

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