7 Best Baby Bath Tips

baby bath tips

Our Best Baby Bath Tips

Bathing a newborn for the first time is a little intimidating, so we’re here to provide you with our best baby bath tips.

To avoid major muck-ups, a sponge bath is the only way to go. For one thing, newborns aren’t used to the sensation of water. So your child may cry.

Plus, there is the added issue of newborns not being able to sit up on their own at that young of an age. Various companies make small plastic tubs for making bathing your newborn easier.

Still, if you are leery about what to expect, below is a collection of useful baby bath tips that you can use to help make the experience a little less scary.

1. Purchase a Baby Bathtub

Trying to wash a newborn in a kitchen sink or a regular tub is not only inconvenient, but can be dangerous too! One of our best baby bath tips is to purchase a baby bathtub. Smaller, specially designed plastic tubs allow you to place your child on a small mesh sling. As he or she kicks and bounces slightly, you can reach just about every part of your little cherub’s body without risking damage to his or her delicate neck. This will make the process of bath time function more smoothly and be less stressful on that two hours of sleep you manage to snag for the first four months.

2. Get a Rubber Duck

Another one of our best baby bath tips is to get a rubber duck. Technically, it doesn’t have to be a rubber duck, but bath toys are a wonderful way to make bath time fun for your baby.

Keep things interesting by changing up the toys every couple of weeks or so. Baby will absolutely love listening to the different sounds and looking at the all of the brilliant colors and patterns as they get gently rubbed clean.

You’ll have fun watching your child’s reactions as he or she grows and begins to respond more.

3. Use a Special Washcloth

Babies have super delicate skin and lots of things can easily irritate it. Just like needing to use special detergent for the well-being of your newborn, using a standard washcloth can cause redness from too much abrasion and make your baby uncomfortable during bath time.

Because of this, one of our best baby bath tips is to wash your baby with knit terry washcloths. Knit terry washcloths offer a soft alternative to courser fabrics (just don’t forget to test the water temperature before placing your baby in the water!).

4. Take Your Time

This is really important, which is why it made the list of our best baby bath tips. Rushing through a bath can cause accidental injuries to you and/or your child. Babies are slippery when wet and when you’re barely getting any “zzz’s” as is, it’s a lot easier to be more on the clumsy side.

Another thing to consider is when your hands are wet and soapy and your baby is wet and soapy, they are very slippery to handle! 

To prevent hurting either of you, go through the motions slowly and take your time. It’s a great way to bond with your newborn, anyway!

5. Talk to your Baby

Your newborn loves the sound of your voice. They learn by watching facial expressions. Smile and show your child just how much fun the water can be! He or she may even crack a smile without meaning to!

Remember to use your phone’s camera to capture some memories of baby’s first bath. Before you know it, your newborn will be swimming in no time!

6. Buy Hooded Towels

Hooded towels are the best addition to any baby bath collection. Regular towels are often heavy and they don’t keep a newborns head warm because they aren’t designed to wrap around the back of it.

Hooded baby towels are made of a lighter, more breathable fabric that’s gentle against baby’s skin.

More importantly, you can lightly drape the hood over your child’s head to keep warmth in, which is important for the health of your baby.

7. Apply Lavender Baby Lotion

Many parents will agree there is something relaxing about the smell of lavender. Its powerful scent has been a staple of holistic healing for ages. It’s been used everything from candles, to lotions, perfumes and even scented oils. So why did we include it in our baby bath tips article? Well, it just so happens that lavender promotes relaxation and restful sleep for both children and adults alike.

To calm a fussy baby after bath time, gently apply some baby lotion scented with a hint of lavender. It will help your newborn fall instantly back into a restful slumber (allowing you to catch some more sleep too!), which of course makes everyone happy.

Final Thoughts On the Best Baby Bath Tips

Recognizing that babies are teeny tiny and slippery when wet, we wanted to put together a list of baby bath tips to put your mind at ease.

You’re going to find a bathtub designed for a baby that you feel comfortable using. You’ll wash the baby with a soft washcloth and include bath toys for entertainment. This is a great opportunity to speak to your baby; you can narrate everything you’re doing!

You’ll take your time during bath time, as you want to make sure your baby is as safe as possible. When bath time is over, you’ll wrap baby in a hooded towel and massage him/her with lavender scented lotion.

After you’ve refined your bath routine, you may soon forget how nerve-wracking the first few newborn baths were for you and baby! Congrats on a job well done!


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  1. These are such great tips, especially a baby bathtub! I love the ones you’ve shared, especially the blooming flower one. I can imagine using your voice and ending the bath with lavender can be super soothing for the baby! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Such great bath tips for a baby! Thanks for sharing! I am sure all parents appreciate this

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