7 Items to Cool Down Toddlers and Babies in Hot Weather

Babies in hot weather

What you need to cool down babies in hot weather

Staying cool is the name of the game when there are babies in hot weather. But this can be hard to do when you’re outdoors for hours with your kids in the summertime. Whether you’re taking your baby to the beach, enrolling them in baby swim lessons, or they’re on the sidelines for big bro’s soccer game, they are feeling the heat. We’re going to show you exactly what you need to cool down toddlers and babies in hot weather.

But first, pat yourself on the back for encouraging outdoor play. Outdoor play has so many benefits for kids. According to Psychology Today, contact with nature can provide a context for learning about science and nature.

From a social and emotional development standpoint, the friendships kids make when playing outside can be important for children’s overall long-term happiness.

Lastly, physical activity is linked to overall well-being and can act as a buffer against depression.

Now that you feel good about your decision to be outside, let’s jump right into the 7 things you’ll need for toddlers and babies in hot weather.

1. Clip on fans

Buy 2! Attach the first one to the canopy of your stroller/wagon, facing your child. Attach the second one to the handle of the stroller/wagon, facing you.

While the fans simply recirculate the air around you, it feels so good on the skin especially if used with item #2.

2. Misting spray bottle 

Each pull of the trigger yields a few moments of bliss. For less than $10, skin will look dewy, hair will glisten but most importantly toddlers and babies in hot weather will feel a few degrees cooler. It’s the perfect size to throw in your diaper bag, stroller, or backpack.

We’ve had ours for over a year and haven’t experienced any leakage when the bottle is laying on its side or upside down.

3. Colorful kids umbrella/parasol 

It will amuse toddlers, keep babies in hot weather protected from the sun, and if it happens to rain, keep them dry! 🌂

If you happen to purchase a clear umbrella, you can do a fun art project with your kids. In addition to the umbrella, all you’ll need is some acrylic paint, a paint tray palette, some paintbrushes and something to protect your floors (butcher paper, sheet, waterproof mat).

Simply dip the paintbrush into the palette filled with paint, and use broad brushstrokes to jazz up your umbrella. Have wipes nearby for cleanup.

4. Kids hat /sunglasses

Let them exercise their fashion sense by selecting their own accessories. They’ll be more inclined to wear them! 🕶

If you have an un-opinionated baby, just choose the item you’ll think they’ll look the cutest in!

5. Frozen burp cloths

This is a refreshing way to keep hands/faces of babies in hot weather, clean. Plus, and it gives any unused burp clothes some new life.

Frozen paper towels and chilled baby wipes also work well, too!

6. Ice popsicles 

These concoctions only contain water, so no stickiness, just fun! Use them to ‘draw’ on your baby’s skin for a ‘cool’ sensory experience. 

If you have a toddler, they will try to eat the popsicles in addition to drawing on everything with them. Remember, it’s just water.

7. Frozen teethers

Pop a teether or a pacifier in the freezer so even the littlest of the bunch can get some reprieve from the heat. 

Another added benefit of traveling with frozen teethers, is they work especially well when your child gets a boo-boo.

Have a toddler? It’s difficult to overindulge in fruit snacks when they are frozen, so let the kids have their fun! (No judgment if you sneak a few for yourself.)

Concluding Thoughts on Cooling Down Toddlers and Babies in Hot Weather

Remember, you only need a few items to help cool down toddlers and babies in hot weather. Luckily, most of these items can fit nicely in a diaper bag.

You’re going to invest in clip on fans, which will carry you well beyond the toddler years. You’ll also purchase a spray mister bottle, which also has a multi-purpose use that comes in handy when styling your baby’s hair.

Find a cute umbrella, a hat and some sunglasses for your little ones.

If you have a baby, you probably already have burp clothes and teethers, so mist them with water and pop them in your freezer the night before.

Don’t forget to make some ice popsicles. They feel incredible on the skin and work wonders to cool your baby down.

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14 thoughts on “7 Items to Cool Down Toddlers and Babies in Hot Weather

  1. These are some really simple but effective ways to protect your baby from the uv rays and the heat to cool them down. When I am fortunate enough to have a child, I will definitely make sure I have all the things I can to protect my child. Thank you for sharing your suggestions!

    Lauren x

    1. Your baby is so advanced! I love that! Have you gotten him wellies, too? I prefer those when they stomp in the water since it doesn’t soak their regular shoes.

  2. I don’t have kids, but I can tell you for sure that misting helps. I had to mist myself all the time before my partner bought me an air-conditioning unit because the summer heat in the last place I lived kept causing me to have heat stroke. The only break from the relenting over of a room was a fan and spraying myself in water

    1. Oh my gosh – your experience sounds excruciating! I’m so glad you moved. Yes, a love misting. It’s definitely a must-have for summertime.

  3. Thank you for this super useful and great post! I have many friends with children and they really suffer when the weather becomes 35 degrees. It’s hot like in hell and the child doesn’t actually understand why it is so hot outside. I will definitely give these tips to my friends to make their summer a little bit cooler and better. 🙂

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