3 Best Earth Day Interactive Books for Toddlers

Interactive books for toddlers

Earth Day Interactive Books for Toddlers

Many parents are eager to teach their toddlers about Earth Day and Earth Day interactive books for toddlers are an easy way for them to start making those connections. However, since we’re dealing with toddlers, it’s imperative that the books have pop-up features or other engaging elements that will hold their attention. We’ve found 3 interactive books for toddlers we know they will love, and more importantly will help them understand the world around them.

1. Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book

This is the first of the three Earth Day interactive books for toddlers we are featuring today. The artistic detail in this pop-up book is simply stunning! You might be tempted to avoid reading it altogether and just turn the pages to see what magical display unfolds. (and that’s okay, too!) The book is sturdy and the author tucked some of the text within the petals of the flowers, which was such a creative idea! See if your toddler can spot the pull-out tabs within the floral bouquets!

As a parent, you might learn some fun facts you weren’t aware of. Did you know jasmine flowers release their fragrance after sunset to attract nighttime pollinators? (we had no idea!). Also, many peony and poppy flowers open in sunlight and close at night and on cloudy days. Pretty cool!

While you may not get through reading the entire book to your toddler in one sitting, the pop-ups will most certainly keep their attention


2. In the Forest

This is another one of our favorite Earth Day interactive books for toddlers because it teaches your toddler to have respect for nature. It includes hide and seek elements with animals in the forest. For example, can you spot the sloth in the trees?

The pop-up features are incredible. Take a few moments to admire the attention to detail. You can pull a tab and watch trees grow before your eyes!

If you carry a diaper bag or a travel bag, you’ll be happy to know this slim book will fit right in, making it a great book to bring when you run errands (or travel) with your toddler.

3. The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Things to Do In Nature Before You Grow Up

This is one of our favorite Earth Day interactive books for toddlers because it will inspire your adventurous toddler to stay outdoors and explore nature. There are plenty of activities for all ages of toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond! Help your toddler make a bird feeder from pine cones, seeds and peanut butter. Spread the activity across a few days. One day, search and gather pine cones. Another day, make the bird feeder. Then sit back and see what type of birds you attract! Don’t forget to bring the binoculars!

Some other activities toddlers would find fascinating include catching fireflies during sunset, finding your state flower, and making a wish on a dandelion.

Are you lucky enough to live near the beach? Find a tide pool to explore! Horseshoe crabs and other sea creatures like to live in tide pools. See if your toddler can spot some!

Did you know that the tide comes in twice a day? As your toddler gets older you can explain that it is due to the gravitational pull on the Earth. Since Earth rotates twice, we get tides twice a day!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to introduce Earth Day to toddlers by reading 3 of the best Earth Day interactive books for toddlers out there!

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  1. It’s so important to teach kids to appreciate and respect nature at a young age. I will definitely try the suggested books with my daughters 🙂

  2. I love these suggestions. My toddler enjoys books, and giving him variety is important. Especially when considering thoughtful books like these.

  3. All three of these books look like a lot of fun to read! My toddler loves pop up books, so I’ll check those ones out!

  4. My daughters are both very keen on learning about Mother Nature, and I’m always looking for new books. Thanks for sharing these great suggestions!

  5. These books are great for toddlers! I’m always looking for new books to teach my little one to love animals and the environment so I will definitely look into these options.

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