5 Fun Things to Do With a Toddler

things to do with a toddler

Fun Things to Do With a Toddler

Looking to shake up playtime? We’ve got plenty of things to do with a toddler. Because they are naturally curious beings, they love to explore everything.🔎 From strange new sounds to curious smells, every sensory experience creates another new dendrite. This makes finding things to do with your toddler both easy and exciting. Everything you do, your toddler wants to do too.

Below is a list of fun things to do with a toddler, anytime.

1. Roleplay

Toddlers love to imitate animals and other creatures. Don’t be afraid to bring out your inner child on this one. It might feel strange at first, but your toddler will appreciate watching your face change as you make strange new sounds with your voice.

Simple animal sounds are a great place to start. Make those sounds funny and grin while making them. Your toddler will learn faster and have fun doing it too!

If you really want to take it up a notch, use an empty paper towel roll to amplify your animal voice.

After you imitate the animal sounds your toddler is familiar with, try introducing them to some new ones they might have a chance to hear at the zoo. This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your lemur, cheetah, baboon and rhinoceros sounds.

2. Bring Out the Toys

This is especially helpful for developing social skills and learning to share with others. Choose toys that are age appropriate to keep learning fun and interesting. Toys with varying textures and sounds will help with sensory play. These can be with smooth plastic community figures, toy animals, soft plushies, and more. The list is endless so long as it’s safe for your toddler to play with.

Some toys that are geared for older children have small parts that your toddler can choke on. Always check the toy first to be sure it’s okay to use and you should be good to go.

If your toddler frequents indoor playgrounds, daycare, or the pediatrician’s office, pay attention to what they play with. It’s a low-risk way to grow your toy collection, since you know they already like the toy.

3. Finger Paint

Art is always fun for toddlers to explore. So it should come as no surprise that one of the most fun things to do with a toddler is finger painting. Finger painting is a great way for your little one to explore both colors and texture at the same time.

Before you get started, make sure to use special finger paint paper. Why? Because if you use printer paper, the heavy paint will bleed through.

Practice making simple shapes or a cute landscape with pretty trees and flowers! The choice is yours, just be sure to keep it simple or your toddler will become frustrated and bored.

The best part of finger painting is the easy clean up! It all comes off with water.🎨

We like to finger paint outside. Sometimes we bring a child’s table outdoors and finger paint there; other times we sit on the ground and finger paint in the backyard. Creating artwork outdoors gives me peace of mind because I don’t have to worry about my toddlers accidentally touching something before their hands are clean.

Over time, you might amass a rather large collection of artwork created by your toddler. Now’s a good time to start brainstorming some storage options.

4. Go for a Walk Outside

This is one of the easiest things to do with a toddler and it can be done anytime in almost any weather. If you’re afraid you might have to carry your child home, you or your toddler can push the empty stroller along your walk.

Toddlers are natural explorers. Every rock, leaf, flower and twig is something new to discover. They might excitedly begin to put their favorite ’treasures’ in the stroller.

Be sure to point out any wild animals you spot along the way. In our neighborhood, we always see squirrels, white ibises, bluejays. If we venture farther to the park, we see turtles and alligators in the lakes. Another reason a stroller comes in handy; you can make a quick getaway if necessary!

Regardless of where you live, even time in the backyard is time you can spend together. Discover wild flowers, “scary” bugs, and more!

5. Explore Music

If you happen to have musical instruments in the home, you can probably guess what’s next on the list of things to do with a toddler. It’s music exploration! Have your toddler run their fingers down the strings on your guitar or perform a simple song.

If you play piano, this is something your child can bang away on while inadvertently learning their scales at the same time! Add some singing into the mix for more fun and laughter.🎹 

If you don’t have musical instruments at your disposal, you can get creative and make some from scratch! If you’re not feeling crafty, you can always download a piano app for your phone, which comes in handy when you are in a long queue with your toddler. Unexpected delays turn things to do with a toddler from a nice-to-know situation into an absolutely need-to-know, situation.

Final Thoughts on Fun Things to Do with a Toddler

Although this is a short list of things you can do with your toddler, don’t be afraid to be a little creative. Use this list as a guide to really get inspired. Take your child new places and introduce him or her to the world.

Playdates are a great way to socialize for both of you. Your toddler can learn new skills from their friends and you and the other parent can trade toddler tips! Yet another great way to gather new things to do with a toddler!

Children’s museums can be a lot of fun, too. Why? Because there are so many things to do with a toddler under one roof! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! The memories will be well worth it in the future

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  1. These are awesome things to do and I like the music things. I will pass this to my family and surely they will be interested in this.. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are some really great suggestions! I love playing with toys with my cousin when I see them although I’ve never tried finger painting before – I’ll have to give that a go next time, it sounds like so much fun! Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Thank you for reading, Jade! Role play is fun but could be embarrassing in public in front of people who don’t have kids or a sense of humor. Haha!

  3. Great post! I love all of these cute and fun ideas to do. My favorite on your list has to be roleplay and exploring outside. Thank you for sharing x

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