8 Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas for Kids

Kids Porch Decor Ideas: Fall Edition

Decorating for Fall🍁 is always a blast when kids are involved. However, it can get pretty pricey. We’ve got 8 inexpensive Fall decorating ideas that will help you shave a bit off the budget but will still appear as if you went ‘all out’ this year. Read on for some super cool ways that will save you money (and help you stand out in your neighborhood!)

1. Decorative Garbage Bags

The first of the eight inexpensive Fall decorating ideas for kids is a decorative garbage bag. Not every store has them, but decorative garbage bags usually feature pumpkins or ghosts. This is a great idea for kids porch decor because they are easy to transport. All you have to do is fill them with something. Most people usually choose leaves because they’re fluffy and readily available this time of year. Added bonus: it also serves as a way to clean up your yard waste.

2. Jack O’Lanterns

Next up in the list of inexpensive Fall decorating ideas is showcasing carved Jack O’Lanterns🎃 . They aren’t very expensive, plus you can easily pair them with a small bale of hay or other Fall decorations. Add miniature gourds into the mix as well. Get the kids involved: let them stack the gourds on top of a bale of hay or around a large pumpkin (or several) for a more decorative display.

3. Hay Bales

While hay bales check all the boxes for inexpensive Fall decorating ideas, they seem to be difficult to find unless you live out in the country. Fake hay bales are small and can be bought at local dollar stores. However, you might be able to find larger ones online. Hay bales are traditional icons of Fall, representing harvest time and a change in weather in some areas. A definite ‘must’ for kids porch decor.  

4. Chrysanthemums

‘Mums’ meet the criteria for iconic inexpensive Fall decorating ideas and what makes them even more perfect is that these hearty Fall flowers come in a variety of colors. Therefore, it is easy add to any existing arrangement to dress up your kids porch decor. Set one on each porch step or a few together in the corners of the porch alongside the house.

Apartment living? Set one (or more) on your balcony to promote your love of the Fall! Choose from rich reds, purples, oranges, whites, yellows, and pale pinks. Here’s an activity you can do with your kids: pot a few chrysanthemums in a large half-sized whiskey barrel. Take good care of them and they may come up again next year!

5. Window Clings

Next up in our list of inexpensive Fall decorating ideas are window clings. These nifty images are super affordable and readily available in retail stores. Choose from a variety of Fall characters for only a few dollars. Be sure to wipe down your windows first, as window clings refuse to stick against dirt and other residue. Then, simply peel off the image from the backing and paste it onto the glass!

Voila! Instant Fall kids porch decor transformation!

6. Garland

Feeling fancy? If so, the next few inexpensive Fall decorating ideas will take you there. A garland is timeless and fancy but is usually associated with Halloween or Christmas. You can find it in your local dollar store but the length is usually fairly short in comparison to other retail chains. (Be sure to check the length you need before purchasing). The more tightly you wrap it around your rail, the more garland you’ll need.

Consider other design options as well such as draping it down along the front in wide half-circles. However you wrap the garland, it will be the perfect addition to your kids porch decor.

7. Fall Lighting

To make your garland ‘pop’, you can add accent lighting along it for a low price. But don’t stop there; string lights down through the curtains facing your porch. You can also wrap lights along your Fall garland to illuminate your porch in the evening. Just be careful: some of the connections to power the lights are not always battery powered.

8. Don’t Forget a Wreath

Our last of the inexpensive Fall decorating ideas is a classic: wreaths. Fall wreaths don’t have to be expensive to be pretty. Plus, they make a nice addition to your front door! Combined with your other decorations, your Fall look will be complete with a beautiful wreath. Very soon you’ll have a porch your kids will be proud of and your neighbors will envy!

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