20 Delicious Nutritious Toddler Snack Ideas

Toddler snack ideas

Nutritious Toddler Snack Ideas

Whether at home or on-the-go, toddlers love to snack. Here are 20 nutritious toddler snack ideas you can feel good about.

1. Granola Bars / Fruit Bars

Whether homemade or a store bought protein version, these are sure to be a lunchbox favorite! That’s It brand makes fruit leather that’s tasty, too. Toddler snack ideas that are delicious and nutritious? Add it to the cart!

2. Greek Yogurt

Another one of our favorite toddler snack ideas is greek yogurt. Serve as-is or add honey and your child’s favorite fruit. Worried about a mess? Try the pouch version or opt for toddler yogurt drops.

3. Cherry Tomatoes

Some of our favorite toddler snacks ideas are small enough to fit in the palm of your child’s hand, like cherry tomatoes. By themselves or sandwiched around a mozzarella pearl, they sure are delicious!

4. Cheese

Whether it is mozzarella string cheese, cubed cheddar cheese or a slice of pepper jack, cheese makes a great snack for kids on-the-go!

5. Grapes

Alone or part of a fruit salad, chilled grapes are refreshing! Make sure to cut them into smaller pieces if you’ve got a toddler.

6. Watermelon

Whether cubed or sliced with the rind on, watermelon is delicious and super juicy. Include wipes or napkins for sticky hands.

7. Mini muffins

Some of the best toddler snack ideas are the ones you can make with your toddler, like muffins! Choose ingredients your kids love like oatmeal and blueberries. Then bake them together as a fun cooking activity!

8. Baked Veggie Snacks

For a quick on-the-go toddler snack ideas, consider Veggie Straws, Hippeas’ chickpea puffs and Harvest Snaps’ Green Pea/Lentil snacks. They are tasty, but I wish they offered low-sodium versions.

9. Apples

Slice ’em, dice ’em, bake ’em, or dust with cinnamon. Experiment with the different varieties to see which one your kiddo prefers.

10. Veggie Goldfish

For the kids that must have goldfish in their lives, this line offers crackers made with vegetables (i.e. carrot puree)

11. Hummus + Veggies

There are so many varieties of hummus nowadays and since kids like to dip, pair it with their favorite veggies.

12. Naan Bread

A great alternative to a slice of whole wheat bread, tear it into pieces and eat with hummus. Or serve alone as a tasty treat.

13. Guacamole

Another timeless dip choice. Spritz it with lemon/lime juice to keep your guac green.

14. Mini Sweet Peppers / Bell Peppers

Remove the stem/seeds and get to snacking! If your kids aren’t budging, add another layer of flavor. Try cream cheese dusted with everything bagel seasoning or add ground beef and cheese and pop in the air fryer.

15. Cucumbers

Serve chilled. Pair with a dip. Enjoy the crunch.

16. Celery

The ultimate in crunchiness. If the taste is too bitter for your child, offset the bitterness with nut butter or sunflower butter.

17. Raisins

Classics. Their small size makes them a perfect fit in any snack box.

18. Banana

Cut the bottom to make it easy for your toddler to peel. Enjoy as-is, or pair with nut butter or sunflower butter.

19. Strawberries

So sweet in their natural state! It’s no wonder why they are one of the best snacks for toddlers.

20. Clementines

Sweet. Easy to peel. Seedless. Fits perfectly in the palm of a toddler’s hand.

Final Thoughts on Nutritious Toddler Snack Ideas

If you ever feel like you’re giving your child the same snacks over and over again, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 20 nutritious toddler snack ideas to try! Some your toddler will instantly love, and others might take some time. Regardless, you’ve got plenty of options to work through. Happy snacking!

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15 thoughts on “20 Delicious Nutritious Toddler Snack Ideas

  1. These are some really great suggestions of snacks for toddlers. Thank you for sharing your suggestions!


  2. My baby dislikes banana so much and it’s one of my favourite things! Lol. I often think all snack is bad for kids, I’m often worried when I let him snack.. unless it’s cheess

    1. Hello! Now you’ve got a ton of healthy options to try! Hopefully your baby is keen on some of them. When in doubt, you can always make a fruit/veggie smoothie with just a few ingredients!

  3. You’ve shared some great food on here which I’ll for sure be sharing with friends and family. My cousin will appreciate this as she’s having trouble with her little one and eating atm so I’ll for sure be sharing this post with her. Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely. Great post Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

    1. Elle, thanks for reading and sharing! Little ones’ palates can be so finicky; they like something one day and then turn their nose up at the next. Look forward to trying another one of your delicious bakes! Xo

  4. I love these suggestions. My little one loves watermelon and raisins but I will try hummus with veggies too. Thanks for sharing.


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