10 Tips on How Pack for a Business Trip with Your Baby or Toddler

For many of us, packing for a trip is the WORST. But what’s way worse than that is having to pack for a business trip with your baby.🛄How will you ever manage? As a parent who has logged over 10,000 miles of work trips in less than a year with my baby/toddler in tow, I have some tips to share if you’re willing to listen. Let’s get started.

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Invest in packing cubes

Packing cubes help you stay organized and organization is the name of the game when you are expected to deliver results as a rockstar employee and as a mother. They usually come in a pack of 5. I purchased two packs in 2 different colors so I would instantly know which cubes are mine and which cubes are baby’s.
Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Make note of what your baby eats

A week before your trip, write down everything your baby eats. This will help you identify how much food to bring with you. Make note if the items are perishable or non-perishable. Always pack more than you’ll need; it will never go to waste, because you can use what’s left over when you get home. 

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Pack bowls and eating utensils

Whatever you use at home– bottles, sippy cups, silicone spoons, etc. pack it. You’ll use a separate packing cube for food accessories.

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Organize your baby’s packing cubes

Small – food accessories; small/medium – pants/shorts; medium – tops/socks; medium/large – food/snacks; large – diapers and wipes; extra large – toys/books. I would also use one of my large cubes (a different color) which would house a a plentiful supply of diapers, a pack of wipes, more than enough snacks, a variety of small toys and a complete outfit with socks. This special cube would be packed in my carryon luggage and would serve as my ‘diaper bag’.

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Bring a travel stroller

My travel stroller was a less compact (and much less expensive) alternative to my workhorse stroller. Select a travel stroller that won’t give you a heart attack if you see it flung onto the conveyor belt at the airport. You will put your infant car seat/cover in the seat of the stroller as you glide effortlessly through the airport. You will then check the stroller at the check-in counter (where you drop your luggage), prior to heading to security. Note: after you reach your final destination, some airports will have your stroller waiting for you in the bulk area of baggage claim (same place where they have golf clubs). Other airports will send the stroller down the conveyor belt. In short, don’t panic if you don’t see it at first. Ask questions first; panic later.

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Get a ride to the airport

You want to have as stress-free an experience as possible. Going around in circles looking for a parking space will only add stress. Catch a ride with a friend or use a ride-sharing service. You’ll be dropped off right in front of the terminal, leaving you one less thing to worry about. Remember, this is a work trip; you can expense taxi/rideshare.

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Bring a carrier

Once dropped off in front of the terminal, you will keep your baby in their car seat while you open the stroller and put on the carrier. Then, remove the baby from the infant seat, put the infant seat in it’s protective cover and nestle it safely into the seat of the stroller. Lastly, decide if your baby will be facing towards you or away from you in the carrier, and then put them in. You won’t have to remove the carrier when you go through security and meltdowns should be curbed because your baby is attached to you, which is their favorite place to be.

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Bring an infant car seat with protective cover

Your car seat will be protected from dents and dings plus your cover has a handy dandy strap. Check it at the counter with the stroller and luggage. One less thing to worry about!

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Carry a work backpack containing your laptop

You want to make sure your work laptop is kept safe, after all work is the reason for your travel. I found that my diaper backpack was an insufficient vessel when it came to carrying my laptop and everything else that usually goes in my diaper bag. So wear the work backpack on your back, and then place it at your feet once seated on your flight.

Pack for a Business Trip with your Baby: Carry 1 large soft luggage and 1 small soft carryon luggage

Soft luggage is a godsend when you’re trying to cram a larger object into a smaller space, like a very full overhead compartment. Purchase a suitcase belt if your luggage doesn’t come with one, so you can attach the small carryon to the large one, piggyback style. Your carryon luggage will contain your diaper backpack as well as all of the entertainment you selected for the trip. Transfer what you need into your packing cube and then store the rest overhead. Settle down into your seat and pray for an on-time departure.✈️✈️ 

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