7 Parent Hacks for Babies and Toddlers at the Beach

Toddlers at the beach

Babies and Toddlers at the Beach

Are you thinking of venturing out for a beach day with your baby and toddler? If you have multiple children that are young and close in age, then you know just how difficult it can be to do the simplest of things some days. This is especially true if you have to don your Rambo bandana just to go to the local grocery store with 🎶Eye of the Tiger🎶 blasting from your smartphone.

You may feel a trip out of the home for a leisure activity might be too much to ask. Luckily, there are seven parent hacks that can make it possible not only for you to leave the house for somewhere fun (finally!), but make your life a little easier too. We present to you – how to successfully have a beach day with your baby and toddler.🏖

1. Pack the Night Before

While it might seem premature, packing the night before a beach day with your baby and toddler, allows you extra time to track down where all of those new beach toys went. Secondly, it also allows you to go through and visually inspect what items you have and what you still might be missing. Lastly, you’ll have time to go to the store if there is anything you’ve forgotten. 

2. Say ‘No’ to the Public Changing Rooms

Germs are a real thing. Since toddlers and babies are notorious for ingesting bacteria of all kinds, have your babies dressed in their day clothes over their swimsuits. This way you can simply strip them down on the beach instead of the creepy public restroom.

3. Set a Timer on Your Phone

This is one way you can remember to re-apply sunscreen. If you’re leaving your cell phone in the car, use your watch⌚️to keep track of the time. Be sure to look at the SPF number on the front of the bottle. For example, sunscreen with an SPF 50, means it only lasts for 50 minutes! That little tip will help ensure a sunburn-free beach day with your baby and toddler.

4. Don’t Rinse off Sand

Use cornstarch instead. Just sprinkle some on the exposed skin on your baby’s arms and legs. Curious as to how it works? Cornstarch whisks away moisture so that your skin stays dry and sand won’t adhere to it. It will save you time and eliminate the need for your toddler to use the public faucet to rinse away wet sand. 

5. Stick Sunscreen in a Cooler

This hack is a ‘must’ for young babies that can’t be in the heat for too long. Before your beach day with your baby and toddler, stick your sunscreen in a cooler. That way when you go to apply it, it will cool off your baby’s body temperature, too.

6. Ditch the Diaper Bag

If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know how sand can mysteriously work its way anywhere and everywhere. Rather than cake it into your posh diaper bag, leave it at home and instead go for a simple canvas tote. Be sure to include plastic bags to put the dirty diapers inside (doggie bags work well, too) and don’t forget the moist wipes!

7. Always Bring Towels…Lots of Towels

When you have young children and babies there will always be a need for extra. Inevitably, the moment you’re on the road heading home you’ll smell something incredibly foul and realize your toddler has managed to leak outside of his or her diaper💩. Hold your breath and use an extra dry towel over your child’s seat to help absorb the wetness. It will protect your car’s interior, and save you time from cleaning a car seat.

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38 thoughts on “7 Parent Hacks for Babies and Toddlers at the Beach

  1. These are some really great tips for taking children to the beach. I didn’t realise the cornstarch tip, although I suppose it is the same as talc powder – my mum used to use that for us when we were all younger. Thank you for sharing.
    Lauren x

  2. You’ve shared some great tips here lovely. I don’t have children myself but I’ve got friends who do and this will really help them out so I’ll share with them asap! Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  3. Great tips. I never knew about the cornstarch- that’s a genius idea!
    It may well be different in the US but here in the UK SPF doesn’t refer to minutes though… although as you indicate, always better to be safe than sorry with kids and sunscreen.
    Great post.

  4. As a parent and retired Public Health Nurse, I couldn’t agree more with emphasizing organization! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m not a mom, but I’ll have to pass this article along to some of my mama friends who are prepping for their first summers with baby!

  6. I am hoping to have a baby in the not to distant future, so these tips will be handy as I don’t live far from the beach. We used to your talc instead of cornstarch, but so much better than rinsing it off. A timer is a great idea. I have seen using a double bedsheet up the other way and use something to hold each corner, it is like a little playpen but good to keep out sand during good times. Thank you for sharing your helpful tips.

    Lauren xx

    1. Ohhh Lauren, I’m excited about your not-so-distant-in-the-future baby!! You are so lucky you live near the beach. I love your playpen idea using the bedsheet! Xo

  7. I can certainly understand skipping the public changing rooms, it doesn’t take much for a child to fall ill and then bring the rest of the family down with them. Taking a few windbreakers with you also gives changing options for the little ones

  8. Great tips. I don’t have children yet but will be helpful when I am out with friends who have toddlers and babies. Thank you for sharing.

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