3 Must-Read Toddler Books for Black History Month

Toddler Books for Black History Month: Will they pay attention?

February is here and it is the perfect time to introduce your little one to toddler books for Black History Month. The books we’ve selected highlight important Black figures in history. Your toddler will appreciate that the books below are sturdy, feature colorful illustrations which will catch their eyes, and have just enough text to hold their attention! Keep these books in rotation and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Black Americans to our country, all year long.

1. I Am Brave

The first page of the book is introduction to Martin Luther King Jr. and states, “I am Martin Luther King, Jr. Come dream with me.” He looks middle aged throughout the book but is drawn to be pint-sized. The book becomes interactive when it asks your toddler to count the books throughout his room; or for your toddler to give a hug to someone you love.” (I hope they pick you to hug!) There is a mention or two about inequality but the focus of this book is on dreams. This is one of our favorite toddler books for Black History Month.

2. I Am Strong

Another one of our favorite toddler books for Black History Month is this one. This book tells Rosa Park’s story in an age-appropriate manner. Rosa Parks has been illustrated to look like a child, which your toddler might find more relatable. The first page is inviting: “I am Rosa Parks. Come ride with me”. Each page has rhyming text and a couple of the pages ask you to find certain things in the illustrations, “the blue sky; green grass; and yellow sun”. What a great way to get your toddler to actively participate! The book also shares great life lessons such as, “no one should make you feel less than yourself”.

3. Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

This is one of the toddler books for Black History Month that is geared towards older toddlers. It walks the reader through the life of Martin Luther King, Jr, beginning from when he was a little boy. You see him doing things your toddler might be accustomed to, like having family dinners and going to church.

Everything is rosy and bright and then the book introduces race by saying, “one day, Martin’s best friend said he couldn’t play with him anymore because Martin’s skin was a different color.” From that point on Martin grows up and you read about how he wanted to create change in the world. The very last page of the book provides a summary page about Dr. King, but it is more appropriate for preschoolers/lower elementary students.

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