17 Best Toddler Art Supplies

Easiest Way to Introduce Art: Stock up on toddler art supplies Your toddler is the epitome of creativity. They will overturn a drum; pretend it’s a boat and use the drumsticks as oars. Or they’ll build a fort out of your couch cushions and jump off of it to safety since the floor is lava.Continue reading “17 Best Toddler Art Supplies”

10 Must-Have Books for 18 Month Old Babies

Books for 18 month old babies: What to look for We’ve poured through tons of children’s books and are happy to present the best books for 18 month old babies. If you’re concerned that your baby won’t sit still because they are always on the go, look for ways to leverage their high energy byContinue reading “10 Must-Have Books for 18 Month Old Babies”

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