Amazing Tips for New Parents

10 Best Questions to Ask Potential Pediatricians

The Best Questions to Ask Potential Pediatricians I interviewed a handful of pediatricians while pregnant with my first baby. Here are my top 10 questions to ask potential pediatricians. It’s a mix of my initial questions before baby arrived combined with things I found important once baby was born. I had difficulty getting my babyContinue reading “10 Best Questions to Ask Potential Pediatricians”

20 Delicious and Nutritious Toddler Snacks

Nutritious Toddler Snacks Whether at home or on-the-go, toddlers love to snack. Here are 20 nutritious toddler snacks you can feel good about. 1. Granola Bars / Fruit Bars Whether homemade or a store bought protein version, these nutritious toddler snacks are sure to be a lunchbox favorite! That’s It brand makes fruit leather that’sContinue reading “20 Delicious and Nutritious Toddler Snacks”

5 Fun Ways to Play with Your Newborn

How to Play with Your Newborn Newborns are so small and delicate. If you’re a first time parent, you might be afraid that they’ll break. But what should you be doing with your newborn when they aren’t sleeping, getting their diaper changed or eating? Helping them develop through play activities, of course! Babies develop atContinue reading “5 Fun Ways to Play with Your Newborn”


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