Transitioning From Co Sleeping to Crib – 7 Easy Ways

Co sleeping to crib

7 Ways to Go From Co Sleeping to Crib

Frantically trying to gather information to find out how to transition from co sleeping to crib? You’ve come to the right place.

As a mother, you are constantly worried about your baby. Sometimes you feel as though you are missing out on secrets every other mom seems to know and other times you may be concerned you are not doing what’s best for your baby.

This feeling is normal and you will learn as you go.

One concern you might have is sleep.💤 In order to have the energy to keep up with your baby, you want to ensure you can sleep comfortably in your bed. You don’t want to have to worry about laying on your baby’s hand or risk them falling off your bed.

The easiest way to get rid of this worry is to transition from co sleeping to crib.

As you are aware, babies don’t like being away from their mommies. But do you know why many babies don’t want to sleep in a crib?

Well for one, moms are 100% more comfortable than cribs. However, that is not the only reason your little one may throw a fit when placed in a crib. Other reasons why include:

  • A crib is a cold and empty place in comparison to being in their mother’s warm arms.
  • Sleeping in the crib means breaking routine, and babies feel insecure. 
  • Laying a baby on their back can be painful for them if they have acid reflux. The same goes for ear infections or a stuffed nose.
  • Breaking from a pattern where they were rocked to sleep by mom, can be tiring for a baby.
  • The act of laying a baby in a crib can be a stressful event for them too.

Now, how do you turn all these negatives into workable solutions? What parenting hacks can you use to transition from co sleeping to crib? Here are seven things you should try:

1. Make the crib appealing

A mother’s womb is the most comfortable place for a baby. So a few months after birth, start to transition from co sleeping to crib. You’ll need to make baby’s bed as comfortable as possible. Try using a swaddle or a sleep sack.

Avoid using blankets and pillows. Also, transition to an arms-out swaddle or sleep sack when your baby starts rolling.

2. Sleep train them

According to studies conducted by the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, babies sleep more and wake less when they are in the crib. Maybe, just maybe, that will incentivize you to consider transitioning baby from co sleeping to crib.

When sleep training a newborn out of a stroller or a car seat, place your baby in the stroller or car seat, but don’t push the stroller or drive.

Next, when you notice the baby sleeping, you can lightly pick them up and place them in the crib. This process will take about four days.

Babies can differentiate their parents from other people. That’s why you might notice them crying when being carried in unfamiliar arms. They find warmth and comfort in your arms, something they become accustomed to with time. You might notice this most when they are falling asleep in your arms but wake up when you place them in a bassinet.

To change this, try to make the crib as mommy-like as possible. Find a way to provide heat for your baby without using a blanket or a pillow. Try a sleep sack.

Carriers are another infant favorite. Why? Because they get to be close to mommy, feel your body heat, and smell you, all of which are good memories.

However, you may get tired of walking around, and sometimes, when you place your child in the crib, they start fussing.

Try easing the baby in the crib, one nap at a time, to correct this.

3. Get the lighting right

Newborn babies are not used to a lot of light for long periods of time. To make them more comfortable, use blinds for daytime naps. When changing diapers, use low wattage light bulbs.💡

These little changes can make a big difference when transitioning from co sleeping to crib.

4. Dress your baby appropriately

Most moms make it a mission to ensure their baby is warm at all times. However, just as you may not love hot summers or appreciate extremely cold winters, your baby also dislikes extreme temperatures.

Make sure you dress your baby comfortably. It will help in the transition from co sleeping to crib.

5. Avoid the dead quiet

Even when in the womb, parents talk to their children. So, by default, babies are used to some white noise, even before being born.

You can introduce some white background noise at home, either through an app on your phone📱or using a white noise machine.

This is a easy way to aid in the transition from co sleeping to crib.

6. Start a bedtime routine

To transition from co sleeping to the crib, try introducing a sleep routine. It could be after feeding your baby or at certain times of the day. The process might be a little slow, but sleep routines are a great way to get your baby into the crib.

When you notice your baby dosing off, lay them in the crib. Stay close to the crib for a few minutes with your hands on their tummy, soothing them. You baby may begin to fuss, which is normal. Resist the urge to immediately pick them up.

7. Make the crib smell like mom or dad

Babies undoubtedly love their parent’s scent. So to create a sense of familiarity and aid in the transition from co sleeping to crib, you can introduce your smell in the crib.

Most of the time, your clean clothes smell like laundry detergent. Use a baby-friendly laundry detergent like Dreft Family, to wash your clothes, their clothes and the fitted sheet used in the crib.

Final Thoughts on Transitioning from Co Sleeping to Crib

Figuring out how to go from co sleeping to crib is one of those situations many moms face once they have a newborn. We’ve presented a handful of options in the hopes that one will be the perfect fit for you and baby.

Whether it is making quick adjustments like dimming the lights, adding white noise, purchasing a sleep sack or laundering your clothes in baby-friendly detergent, a little effort can go a long way.

Remember, sleep training and incorporating a bedtime routine take longer to implement but will pay off in dividends when you find your baby successfully transitioned from co sleeping to crib.

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