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8 Critical Questions to Ask a Babysitter for Your Infant

Questions to Ask a Babysitter for Your Infant New moms get tired but many of us don’t trust anyone with our babies. However, it’s always best to be prepared with questions to ask a babysitter for your infant should the need arise. (My need was when the doctor’s office stopped allowing babies to come with…

7 Essential Babysitter Interview Questions

The Best Babysitter Interview Questions – Toddler Edition Having someone look after your favorite person is a big deal, especially if your child is a toddler. Here are the babysitter interview questions to ask if you’re looking for someone warm, caring and trustworthy. Their responses to these questions will help you determine if the babysitter…

6 Best Gifts for a Single Mom by Choice

Best Gifts for a Single Mom by Choice If you’re looking for gifts for a single mom by choice, you’ve come to the right place. Being a new mom is a gift🎁 in itself, but sometimes it is hard to articulate how people can help, when they offer. You might be one of the lucky…

5 Essential Gifts for Second Time Moms

Essential Gifts for Second Time Moms Are gifts for second time moms really necessary? Yes! As a second time mom, you might think you have everything. But there are a few things you’ll need to help with managing multiple children. As a solo parent with two kids aged 3 and under, I need to get…


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