7 Quick Tips to Enjoy Disney World With a Baby

Disney world with a baby

Disney World With a Baby

The advantage of living near theme parks is you can get an annual pass and go whenever you want🎢. It’s fun experiencing Disney World with a baby. Today we are featuring Epcot. Epcot is one of my favorite parks to navigate because I don’t have to open/collapse a stroller to get on a tram or take a monorail. Here are my learnings from visiting Epcot every other weekend. Have a ✨magical✨ time!

1. Baby Care Center

If you are visiting Disney World with a baby, you need to know where you can take care of baby in a cool and quiet environment. The Baby Care Center👶🏾 at Epcot is the best place to go for diaper changes, feeding your baby, needing a quiet space to take a break, or to purchase baby-related items you ran out of. There are attendants who clean the diaper changing stations right after you use it; the nursing rooms are dimly lit and the chairs are large; the quiet rooms have TV monitors with Disney movies playing.

2. Parking

When you are visiting Disney World with a baby, transportation is something to consider. The good news about going to Epcot is that no matter how near (or far) away I parked, it was walkable to the entrance, eliminating the need for me to take the tram. There is ample parking; just remember to note the section you parked in!

3. Packing

If you are experiencing Disney World with a baby, you want to be prepared for everything. I used packing cubes for diapers/wipes/change of clothes/snack bags. I also brought a soft cooler for milk/bottles which I stored in my stroller basket. I was always concerned someone might mistakenly take my diaper bag when we were on a ride, so this method of packing put my mind at ease. It also made it super easy when going through security–no more digging through things.

4. Stroller

I always brought my Baby Jogger travel stroller (instead of my workhorse stroller) when visiting Disney World with a baby. My rational: I wouldn’t have cried if it was stolen🤷🏾‍♀️. I also made sure to bring the rain cover that was compatible with it, in the event of a downpour. I suspect that Disney rents out Baby Jogger strollers because I spotted so many of them in stroller parking, so mine fit right in.

5. Timing

I would visit Disney World with a baby in the late afternoon/evening so we wouldn’t be in the sun all day. By doing so, I didn’t worry about the baby overheating. I also would stay for 3 hours (or less). It was easier for me to do main meals at home (when she was eating solids) and supplement with snacks while at the park, as needed. Prior to starting solids, I would feed/change the baby when we entered the park and again when we left (it helped prevent her from being hungry in the car).

6. Walking the Park

By walking the park, I mean pushing my baby in a stroller through the park. I felt comfortable visiting Disney World with a baby during dusk because we could do long stroller walks in a safe place. It gave my brain a chance to relax and I liked being around people who were happy. The nice smells and the music around every turn, didn’t hurt either.

7. Food & Wine Festival

One of the perks of visiting Disney World with a baby is experiencing the festivals! Once my baby had started solids, this was a great way to introduce her to different types of foods! The food at the booths is all delicious so if she didn’t like something it wasn’t due to the quality of the food. I made note of what she did like so I could attempt to recreate it at home in the future.

I also brought a snack container with her fork/spoon so I could break the food into smaller pieces on my plate and then transfer it to her snack container for easy feeding. There were also concerts in the amphitheater; what could be easier than parking the stroller next to a tree, eating and listening to a concert (all at the same time).

7.1 Flower & Garden Festival

There were lots of outdoor playgrounds where the kids can play. One of my daughter’s favorites was a musical garden playground complete with drums and chimes for the kids. We also liked strolling through the butterfly house. We enjoyed the food at the booths but we didn’t come to eat like we did for the Food and Wine Festival. Last but not least, my daughter enjoyed listening to the concerts, from the comfort of her stroller. Clearly, there are a multitude of things to experience when visiting Disney World with a baby.

7.2 International Festival of the Holidays

It’s so nice to see the holiday decorations from all over the world displayed and watch timeless classics like the candlelight processional (we watched while strolling). One of the perks of visiting Disney with a baby is the sensory experience it offers.

Concluding Thoughts on Disney with a Baby

Overall, Epcot is a great theme park to take a baby because it is less overwhelming and more manageable than some of the sister theme parks. Enjoy the sights and sounds it has to offer and remember, if your baby starts getting fussy, high tail it over to the Baby Care Center for a more peaceful experience.

Epcot with Toddlers

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11 thoughts on “7 Quick Tips to Enjoy Disney World With a Baby

  1. You always share some amazing tips and advice for parents. Yet again, I’ll be sharing with friends and family members as I think they’ll really appreciate this. I love the look of Epcot, I’d love to visit one day! Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  2. Love these ideas! I don’t have kiddos yet but I’ve always wondered how people manage at Epcot considering it’s really designed for adults mainly. Thankfully they are adding more and more to make it better for everyone. But these are great tips!

    1. Thanks for reading, Casey Anne! Luckily, a friend of mine worked at Epcot and she was the one that opened up my eyes about bringing babies to Disney. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have started bringing mine until they were at least age 3!

  3. Some really great tips – thanks for sharing! We were going to visit Disney in March 2020 – a week after Covid started, and it obviously got cancelled. Still need to rebook it. I bet it’s great living nearby 😊

    Jade MumLifeAndMe

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