8 Creative Ideas For What to Do During the Two Week Wait

What to Do During the Two Week Wait

There are plenty of times you might think you’re going ‘mad’ during your fertility journey, so here are 8 ideas on what to do during the two week wait.

As a member of the infertility community you know your life hangs in the balance during the dreaded two week wait (TWW). You’ve worked so hard up to this point by following your protocol — rejoicing when your meds first arrive, injecting yourself with those meds, going in for regular monitoring, obsessing over the number of follicles and follicle sizes, holding your breath when the doctor’s office calls, documenting your fertility journey and so on. And finally you’ve reached the point where we wait and see if all the effort you put forth really means something. Here’s what to do during the two week wait.

1. Shake up your routine

One of our first ideas on what to do during the two week week is taking your normal routine and disrupting it. Disruptors are things like out of town work trips, family vacations/holidays, impending natural disasters (hurricane warnings, in my case). In all of those situations, I was operating on a different schedule and I was so focused on the out-of-ordinary things going on, I didn’t have time to lay on the couch and wonder if it was too early to take a pregnancy test.

2. Get all the gossip

Another idea on what to do during the two week wait is to connect with others. If you have any friends/loved ones who recently got a pet, just came back from an epic adventure, or are in the early weeks of online dating, fill your mind with all the information they are sharing with you. Allow yourself to be in the moment with them and escape your world.

3. Tell as few people as possible

Our third idea on what to do during the two week wait is staying quiet. I joined plenty of TTC (trying to conceive) groups on FB and I would be part of the threads where hundreds of other women were in the TTW the same month as me. While I felt supported by such a large number of people before the TWW, it felt immensely discouraging when I saw so many of them get their positives and I didn’t.

Offline, I didn’t want to field too many ‘is it time to test’ questions, so in order to stay sane during the two week wait, I kept my in-the-know crew small.

4. Binge watch shows

Our fourth idea on what to do during the two week wait catch up on all of yoru favorite shows. Leading up to the TWW, I would add shows to ‘my list’ on Netflix, so I could binge watch them all during the TWW. Nothing gets you out of your world quicker than being immersed in someone else’s drama. I still have SATC (Sex and the City) DVDs (yes, I’m old), so I watched season after season to my heart’s content.

5. Teach someone one of your skills

We are all admired for something. Perhaps you’re a gardening guru. Create a video showing others how to up their gardening game and share it online. Are you a beast in the kitchen? Share a family recipe. It will definitely help out the thousands of people who still don’t know what to make for dinner tonight. It will also help you pass the time when you’re not sure what to do during the two week wait.

6. Donate your time

Do you want to stay sane during the two week wait AND do something nice for others? Mow your neighbor’s grass along with your own. Tend to an elderly neighbor’s garden or cook dinner and deliver it to them. You could help nonprofits by updating their webpage or support your local soccer team by volunteering in the concession stand. When you think about helping others, your ideas on what to do during the two week wait, should overflow.

7. Pet sit

There are so many apps that offer pet sitting or dog walking services which will help you stay sane during the two week wait. You can choose the gigs that appeal to you, and make some extra cash! Playing with a dog or a cat will definitely take your mind off the TWW and you’ll benefit from the all of the cuddles you’ll receive. Now doesn’t that sound like the perfect idea for what to do during the two week wait?

8. Do something you’ve been putting off

Last but not least, our final idea for what to do during the two week wait involves identifying your passion. Are you really into home organization? There’s no better time to organize your pantry, your garage or your spare bedroom. Go through your clothes- if you’ve got cute outfits you haven’t worn in 5 years, consider donating them. If you WFH (work from home) and don’t plan on ever stepping foot in an office again, Dress for Success would love your work wardrobe.

Need inspiration? Add ‘Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo’ and ‘Get Organized with The Home Edit’ to ‘my list’ on Netflix. Not only will you stay sane during the two week wait, you’ll also be checking things off your ‘to-do’ list.✅

You’ve Got This!

Whether you’re approaching the TWW with excitement or despair, know that I’m cheering you on from afar. This fertility journey through IUI or IVF can zap all the best parts out of you it seems, but take time to recharge when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed or defeated. Sending strength and positive vibes…💕💕💕

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