4 Fun Musical Bath Time Activities With Toddlers

Musical Activities for Toddlers: Try these during bath time! If you’ve heard that music can accelerate learning for young children, you’re probably interested in learning more about musical activities for toddlers. There are many ✨amazing✨ things your toddler is doing at this age: walking without assistance and running with fewer falls; beginning to potty train;Continue reading “4 Fun Musical Bath Time Activities With Toddlers”

18 Month Old Activities at the Playground

Milestones at 18 months: Start here Curious what milestones at 18 months looks like? Many parents know that toddlers develop at different rates. Truthfully, I oftentimes felt unsure as to what I should be doing with my toddlers to help them reach their developmental milestones. Checklists gave me ideas💡on what I could be working onContinue reading “18 Month Old Activities at the Playground”

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