5 Tips for a Memorable First Night Home with Baby

First night home with baby

Your First Night Home With Baby

It’s a wonderful thing to bring a new being into the world. But what is the first night home with baby like? Movies all portray the event with lots of smiling faces. Not to mention women everywhere claiming they completely change the instant they become a mother. The truth is, you’re still very much you, but now you have this incredible little person that needs you round the clock for about the first four months. 

Once you’ve got your newborn all cleaned up in his or her new little onesie (and that adorable knitted cap!)…now what? What do you do your first night home with baby?

Below is a nifty guide that will help pave the road ahead for you and your newest little addition to the family.

First Thing’s First, Get Settled In

It’s your first night home with baby but after surviving the childbirth experience, the only thing you may want is sleep! Baby of course, won’t let you have any. Every two-three hours you will be up, armed with a bottle or breast and a clean diaper. 

Newborns do sleep a lot, but they adore being swaddled because it is the closest thing they have to being in their mother’s womb.  You can put your swaddled up baby in a crib or in a bassinet. 

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

This is the best advice you will ever hear as a new parent starting with the first night home with baby. When your baby falls asleep, drop whatever it is you’re doing and make a running dive for the nearest sofa, recliner, or bed!

Your little cherub won’t sleep through the night (about a 4-6 hour block) until roughly four months of age. Bottle fed babies sleep longer than breastfed babies, but breastfed babies get a boost of natural immunities from their mama that are passed through the breastmilk. 

Tummy Time or Bust!

In the continuous fight against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), doctors and nurses will always encourage you lay your baby on his or her back when they sleep. Sometimes when babies sleep, they lack a hormone in their brains that’s supposed to signal for them to turn their heads when they are sleeping when oxygen intake is low.

While you might not begin tummy time the first night home with baby, be sure to incorporate plenty of tummy time over the course of the next few weeks. It will decrease the chances of your baby developing flat head syndrome caused by too much time on their back. Tummy time is so incredibly important is because it strengthens your baby’s neck muscles. Invest in a newborn play gym to keep your baby entertained.

Choose Quiet Activities

Babies do not like loud or sudden sounds. It scares them! To pass the time when you’re at home with your newborn, pick up a book with illustrations. Your child adores the soothing sound of your voice, even if he or she can’t understand the words. After all, they’ve been listening to it since before they were born!

For your first night home with baby, consider going for a walk in the stroller outside or simply rock your baby slowly in a rocking chair. Your child won’t be strong enough to sit up by themselves for awhile, so he or she will need some help being propped up for a time. 

Bath Time

Some parents like to do bath time the first night home with baby. When you’re at home with your newborn, a calming bath is a great way to help baby go back to sleep. Try a baby tub that has a mesh net for easy cleaning. Babies are slippery when wet! Move slowly and use a soft sponge or special baby washcloth. Most normal washcloths are too rough for baby’s sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts on Your First Night Home With Baby

It’s a surreal experience to finally bring your newborn home for the first time. However, nobody ever walks you through what the first night home with baby might be like. The good news is, you’ve got a lot of options; just follow baby’s lead.

Beyond diaper changes, feeds, and sleep, you could introduce baby to their first bath, go for a walk outside, or hold baby close while you read a book.

Fast forward a few months. You may be wondering what comes next? The answer is…anything you want!

Other than the routine baby care that comes with having a baby, life is now whatever you make for you and your child. These are the days to create lasting memories for your little angel that he or she will keep forever. Those memories are what they will draw upon when they seek wisdom in your absence. Stay strong, be patient, kind and ever vigilant.

Parents wear a lot of different hats. Utilize your inner strengths. There is no one right way to raise a child. All children are different. So, slide that diaper bag on with pride and never forget – you got this!

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  1. Gosh I wish I could sleep when the baby sleeps! I’ve always struggled with that and was always on edge when he was a newborn, so struggled to get off!

    Corinne x

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