Top 7 Things to Do to Prevent Toddler Bedtime Tantrums

Toddler bedtime tantrums

Prevent Toddler Bedtime Tantrums

Need to hear every idea on the planet that will help you prevent a toddler tantrum? Toddlers are perhaps the most misunderstood beings in existence.🤷🏾‍♀️ This is largely because of the language barrier between child and parent. Although they are adorable, they often don’t have enough words to convey what they want and unfortunately you, as a parent, haven’t been that young in so long you can’t remember how to speak their language.

Toddlers are generally all eager to please, but don’t you ever dare utter the word “no” or else you might just have a tantrum on your hands. Below are the top seven ways to prevent a toddler tantrum.  

1. Distraction

This one is an oldy, but a goody to prevent a toddler tantrum. Your baby is old enough to explore, but isn’t old enough to understand the dangers that lurk around every corner. As you deny your child access to that potential safety hazard, your child begins to scrunch up his or her face as if you just threw out their favorite toy. Some parents try to explain they something is dangerous in attempt to inspire common sense at a young age. The problem with this is, your child is too young to understand even many of the simple words being spoken.

The solution? Just pick up some of your child’s favorite toys. Eventually something is bound to remind them of fun times. Even better, find something they haven’t seen before. Those are the best distractions. It could be something as cool as pushing a button on the remote control to change channels on the TV.

2. Borrow a Toy in a Store

Out in public is a little different. To prevent a toddler tantrum in the shopping cart, which is often one of the biggest parenting challenges, simply nab a toy off the shelf and let them hold onto it for awhile. Your child might be upset at the checkout when you tell the cashier to please put it back, but by the time you get to the car, your cute little baby will have already forgotten all about it.

3. Sing

If your beautiful baby has a musical interest, try getting them to sing a simple song with you. If they are only mildly irritated, they will start to sing too. Just be sure to really grin and show them how much fun you’re having. They’ll soon forget why they were so upset in the first place, and before they know it, they’ll be singing, spinning, and dancing all over the room!🎶

4. Involve an Older Sibling

Sometimes there is just no pleasing your child. In that case, it may be time to try involving an older sibling. No one understands your toddler better than you do, but sometimes even parents can find themselves lost in translation. In these moments you will need your second in command to step in and take charge of the situation. Sometimes just switching the attention to someone else will do the trick and prevent a toddler tantrum. 

5. Read a Good Book

Reading is always fundamental. As more and more parents make the switch to go digital for reading, this can backfire at bedtime, because the digital graphics overexcite young children. Overexcitement can lead to a wild burst of energy which oftentimes results in bad behavior.

Instead, try reading simple, tangible books with vivid illustrations your child can appreciate. It will help not only distract them from getting more upset, but it may calm them down and help them sleep (so you can finally get some too!).📚

6. Bath Time

Children absolutely love playing in the water! Any chance he or she has to explore mysterious liquid is a delight for both boys and girls. If your baby is near a meltdown, try offering a bath. If they resist, remind them of all their fun bath toys that they can play with in the water. This will usually make any child smile and prevent a toddler tantrum.

7. Bring in another adult

Oftentimes young children will go through phases where one adult is the favorite and not the other. No matter the reason why, sometimes there is just nothing you can do to please your baby. That’s when you toss the issue over to another adult–the other parent, a grandparent, etc. Like, switching things up with an older sibling, sometimes another adult is just what your baby needs. 

And if it’s bedtime😴 and your little one doesn’t want to go, a temper tantrum is oftentimes inevitable. To prevent a toddler tantrum, you bring in reverse robbery. You know the one. That’s where you offer to give your adorable monster anything under the sun just to get them to go to sleep. Reverse robbery is handy for those times when you just need a break, but don’t make it a habit or else you might unintentionally create a spoiled brat. Only you, as the parent, know the best way to prevent a toddler temper tantrum in your own baby.

If the situation is truly dire, bring in the another adult and tag team it for double reverse robbery. Sometimes it really does take two adults to handle one unhappy baby. Listen to your gut, and never forget that it will get easier as your child gets older.

Our friends at Nemours Children’s Hospital have some other great ideas on how to prevent a toddler tantrum.

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