3 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas

3 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Having children will give you years of practice on how to throw a great party!πŸŽ‰ Coming up with unique kids birthday party ideas year after year can be difficult. Deciding on the food, the venue, the decorations, the invitations, and the entertainment, all while staying within your budget can feel overwhelming. At the end of the day, if you’re celebrating your child, they will love the extra attention it brings. Here are 3 kids birthday party ideas you can use to make your child feel extra special!

1. Unique Personalized Birthday Invitations

One of our favorite kids birthday party ideas is to make a great impression. Well-designed invitations give you the opportunity to do so. Minted is my go-to invitation source. Instead of going to their website, I google the theme of the birthday party and add the words ‘ birthday invitation’ i.e. princess birthday invitation. Minted invitations with that theme populate immediately. Be sure to get the matching thank you notes, too. Texting invitations/thank you’s are my preferred method of communication.πŸ“²

2. Specialty Treats

Another one of our favorite kids birthday party ideas has to do with the cake! Traditional cake is great for the birthday boy/girl, but cake crumbs are a pain😫 to clean up. For little children I prefer petit fours, which I order from the bakery at the grocery store. Kids can eat them in two bites! Pre-packaged gelato or Italian ice from your local shop is also a cool alternative.

3. Creative Party Favors

Let’s face it: your stellar invitations left them wanting more, so close out the perfect party with a memorable send off. I splurge on custom cookies that are individually wrapped and decorated with the theme of the party. They are delicious and the cookies look like works of art. I’ve also seen custom play doh kits that follow the theme of the party as well. Whatever you choose, kids will be begging to attend your next shindig.

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4 thoughts on “3 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas

  1. I’ll finally have to take the plunge and have an organized birthday party for my kiddo and her friends next year. We’ve been pretty insulated up until now, but she’s now experience being a guest at several parties and has lots of ideas for her own party. Still unsure whether we’ll do it on our own or leave it to the venue, wherever that might be. Either way, I am not looking forward to the expense. Thanks for the tip on the invites. I love Minted, but wouldn’t have thought about kid’s party invitations.

    1. Kids enjoy birthday parties so much but I agree, the costs can add up. You might have some luck scoring a deal by searching for new venues who are looking for some bookings. Thanks for reading, Cassie!

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