5 Tips to Preparing for a Overnight Business Trip without your Baby or Toddler

While it can be a scary thought traveling for work with your baby/toddler, it can be equally as daunting preparing for a business trip without your baby. You essentially need to train someone to ‘be you’ in order to keep your household running smoothly, and believe me, it’s as hard as it sounds😭. I’ve traveled without my baby/toddler on a handful of occasions and here are my tips for setting yourself up for success.

Business Trip without your Baby: Designate a capable ‘first in command’ 

This is the person who will be running your household, so choose wisely. Some people default to their partner; others opt for an experienced mom, like their mother or mother-in-law. Some lucky mamas have live-in nannies so this step is a non-issue for them. Whatever your situation, make sure this person is familiar with your child, their needs, and their daily routine. If they don’t know how to change a diaper, they are not your person. 

Business Trip without your Baby: Document, document, document

Write down your baby’s routine from sunup to sundown. If they go to daycare, what time is drop off/pickup? Is drop off in the lobby or in the classroom? If you host a nanny share at your house, what information does your point person need to know? The objective is to stay as close to the baby’s routine as possible. 

Business Trip without your Baby: Be prepared for emergencies

The day you leave for your trip will undoubtedly be the day your baby’s class has a hand, foot and mouth outbreak and they are sent home; (just keeping it 💯). Have a plan in place. Who will pick up your baby? Will it be your point person or your emergency contact person? Do they have your baby’s medical insurance card and the name/number of the pediatrician? Who will stay home with the baby for the next few days? Going down these rabbit holes will pay off in dividends if an emergency arises because you will be prepared.

Business Trip without your Baby: Keep your home stocked with supplies

Now is not the time to have a low supply of diapers because you are waiting for the next ‘save $20 on a $100 purchase’ sale. Make sure you have full inventory on all essentials – clothing/diapers/wipes/food, etc. You want to make sure your point person’s life is as easy as possible. Text photos of various places in your home where baby essentials are housed, just in case they forget.

Business Trip without your Baby: Make sure they know how to install/use the car seat

If your point person is driving your vehicle, scrap the installation advice. But they should feel comfortable placing the baby safely in the car seat and buckling them up. If your infant car seat docks into your stroller, make sure they know how to open/close the stroller before you leave. Things that are second nature to you, aren’t necessarily second nature to everyone. Remember how long it took for you to figure out all those baby contraptions in the beginning?!


On at least one of the nights you’re away, use a food delivery service and order your ‘first in command’ a meal from your favorite restaurant. Challenges are less overwhelming with a full belly. 

Provide your point person with the number of a local friend/neighbor. This is someone who can come over and save the day in a pinch, like when your point person can’t remember how to remove the car seat from the base…

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  1. Some mothers are fortunate enough to have live-in nannies, thus this step is unnecessary for them. Make sure this individual is familiar with your child, their requirements, and their daily routine, regardless of your position.

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